Lisa Baldwin, iCaucus and ATPAC Endorsed, Buncombe County School Board, 2014



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Cheyenne, WY 82001, United States

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 Contact Jane Bilello/iCaucus North Carolina State Director/Phone:  (828) 692 3117   




Cheyenne, WY, September 2, 2014:  Lisa Baldwin, candidate for Buncombe County School Board, North Carolina, has received the iCaucus endorsement.  iCaucus is a non-partisan, National citizen-led organization dedicated to empowering the citizens to fully participate in the electoral process, while taking the big money and special interests out of it. 

Lisa Baldwin received ninety three percent of the vote for endorsement.  The citizens of Buncombe County which include iCaucus members and delegates, voted to endorse Lisa Baldwin, candidate for Buncombe County School Board, Reynolds District, North Carolina. 

North Carolina iCaucus members, volunteers and supporters, join together in their dedication to elect principled candidates to office beholden to We The People: 


“Uniting the effort to elect principled candidates to office.”


Asheville Tea PAC Endorses Lisa Baldwin

For Buncombe County School Board, 2014

Contact Chair Jane Bilello/ 692 3117

Hendersonville, NC, 6:00  A.M.:  Lisa Baldwin has received the endorsement of Asheville Tea PAC for Buncombe County School Board, North Carolina.   The Asheville Tea PAC endorsement program is performed in conjunction with the assessment process of the iCaucus Citizen-Led Job Interview process.  iCaucus maintains a standard that satisfies our criteria for evaluating candidates.  

Lisa Baldwin has demonstrated that she is committed to adherence to Constitutional authority.  Through the iCaucus vetting process, Asheville Tea PAC has determined Lisa Baldwin embraces our principles and can defend them:  individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. 

Asheville Tea PAC, like iCaucus, is dedicated to bringing the people back into the election process by their participation to replace compromised incumbents with good men and women who commit to Constitutional authority.   We focus on finding principled candidates, vetting, endorsing, and campaigning to get them elected.  We then hold them accountable.  Asheville Tea PAC joins other iCaucus Affiliate Groups and fellow citizens across the state to proudly endorse Lisa Baldwin, Buncombe County School Board, Buncombe County, North Carolina.    

 Benjamin Franklin:  “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”  


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