A Look Back at the Buncombe Election


By Chad Nesbitt

The LL has spent several hours reviewing how people voted Precinct by Precinct in Buncombe County during this 2018 midterm election.

For the Sheriff's race, votes came down pretty much like the 2016 county wide chairman's race between Democrat Brownie Newman and Republican Chuck Archerd. Archerd had more money thrown at his campaign than Newman yet Newman won. Same for the Sheriff's race with Shad Higgins having more money than Quentin Miller yet Miller won.

The majority of votes for Quentin Miller came from the city of Asheville precincts colored blue on the map while the rest of the votes went to Shad Higgins colored in red. This being said there were a few precincts in the county that went to Quentin Miller. These precincts were close to the city limits.

Majority ruled in this election and stats show there are more liberal-minded people within the city of Asheville than there are in the county.

Another factor about the Sheriff's race is experience. Out of 50 people the LL polled with random phone calls 65% thought someone with law enforcement experience should run the Sheriff's Department. Asked if they realized that Shad Higgins had more law enforcement endorsements than Quentin Miller? Those polled said it didn't matter or they were unaware.

The LL found the most intresting voter numbers came from the local state house race. Women out voted men in this election. Republican Amy Evans lost but scored high for her first run at a district election despite Evans had no advertisement and no support from the state Republican party. Marylin Brown scored well for her race against well known Democrat Brian Turner as well. Election services shows women voted for women in this election and not down party lines.

Republican Robert Presley barely won his district election for County Commissioner by 680 votes. The "Angry Taxpayers" group advertised for Pressley and Glenda Whinehart banking on voters were upset with the Wanda Greene federal investigation yet liberals in the city precincts still voted Democrat.

Congressman Mark Meadows lost Buncombe County but won the 11th congressional district. The majority of the votes against Mark Meadows came from the city of Asheville. The same for Congressman Patrick McHenry as he won the 10th District.

The amendment to show voter ID when you go vote passed in the state of North Carolina but failed to get the votes in Buncombe County.

In summary, the LL found the "city" Democrats of Asheville dominate elections for county wide races.

Results:  https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/local/2018/11/07/midterm-election-2018-live-results-buncombe-county-north-carolina-nc-poll-candidates/1909539002/