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Lynda Bennett (R) Announces Candidacy
for NC 11 Congressional Seat
Haywood County, North Carolina
December 19, 2019
Haywood County business woman Lynda Bennett announces candidacy as a Republican for North Carolina’s Congressional District 11 for the seat vacated by Congressman Mark Meadows. 
Lynda Bennett strongly supports President Trump. She has always been a supporter of Congressman Mark Meadows. Moreover, Lynda will seek inclusion in the House Freedom Caucus to support open, accountable, and limited government. She understands the Constitution, the rule of law, and common sense policies promote liberty, safety, and prosperity for all Americans.
As a conservative woman her voice will be in stark contrast to the left’s socialist agenda as she stands for the right to life, second amendment, religious freedom, and support for law enforcement and veterans.
Lynda Bennett has been active in the Republican Party. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of Haywood County Republican Party and was recognized in 2019 for the Golden Elephant award for volunteerism.
Lynda and her husband Pat Bennett owned and operated a full service real estate company and vacation rental management company in Haywood County. Without question, Lynda’s background provides her with a solid foundation of real-life experience that will benefit western North Carolina’s District 11 in the challenging environment of Washington DC. 
Though the recent redistricting altered District 11, it remains a strong Republican district that encompasses seventeen economically and culturally diverse counties. Lynda will seek a working relationship with local leadership in each county.
To find out more about Lynda Bennett for Congress in District 11, please visit the website at www.LyndaForCongress.comEmail her at info@LyndaForCongress.comTweet and follow Lynda on Twitter @LyndaBennettNC on Facebook at LyndaBennettForCongress and Instagram @LyndaBennett2020. END
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