Man of Integrity, Reelect Sheriff Charles McDonald, 5/1/2018

Man of integrity

To the editor: Before ever meeting Sheriff Charles McDonald, I wanted to serve his organization — never mind that it meant leaving a Chicago-area professional policing agency that paid more than I will ever make here.

I’d been introduced to his “strategic plan” while attending a class in 2015. The vision clearly painted Sheriff McDonald as a forward-thinking leader. It was bold. Strategies such as community policing, problem-oriented policing and intelligence-led policing, to name a few, are evident in his plan. He knows precisely what needs to be accomplished, holds himself and his organization accountable for results, and does so with transparency to the community.

I’ve been with him for more than a year now and have seen good and challenging times. He doesn’t let tough decisions keep him from making the right decisions. He’s a man of integrity, humble, and is strong in faith. He cares for this community and his staff, and he doesn’t ask more of them than of himself.

If the Sheriff loses this election, he and his lovely wife will retire in peace, grateful to have served. It won’t be a loss for them — their faith won’t allow that. The loss will be to the residents of Henderson County.

Capt. Dan Terry, Henderson County Sheriff’s Office