Many, Many Thanks To All Of Our Volunteers. Election Results.


 Tea Times resumes May 10th at IHOP, 6PM 229 Airport Road, Arden. Election Results and What's Next. Update on Board of Election project only at tea time.   
 Summer Schedule for Tea Time Meetings: 
Thursdays, IHOP 6PM Thursdays:  5/10, 6/7, 6/14, 7/12, 7/19, 
Mills River Restaurant:  Next Meeting:  Thursday, 7/26
First and foremost to our many volunteers who worked tirelessly through Early Voting and Election Day ...  is hardly enough. 
Glenda, Peggy, Jan N, Jan H,  Hayden, Sue, Tom, June, Barbara, Peggy, Bill, JoAnne, Bonnie, Rich, Dolores, Dawn, Carol A, Carol B, Suzanne, Gary, Jennie, Don, Wendy, Hale, Maureen, Sue B, Sue F, Joe, Jeff, Harvey, Kathy, Candler, Stan, Allison, Jeannie, Ashley, Debbie, Karen, Frank, Doris, Bengy, Jason, Scott, Carrie, Linda, Tom, Glo, and last but not least ... Tara!  Tara!  What a pleasure to work with!  Stellar job.  Well done.  
You stayed the course and put up with a lot to see this through to the end.  Thank you for believing in the mission to get good constitutionally conservative candidates elected to legitimately represent the vision our Founders have for us.  In this climate, no easy task!  
We managed to get 4 out of 6 of the candidates we endorsed in Buncombe and Henderson counties through the primary.  
Congratulations ... 
Rebecca McCalll, Commissioner
Greg Newman, DA Henderson
Amy Evans, NC House 115, Buncombe
Unfortunately, Sheriff McDonald in Henderson County who put Henderson #1 in NC for least crime with the innovative programs he put in place since 2012, was defeated.  Turn out, deliberate misinformation, bully tactics all contributed.   Henderson county is and will be much less for it.  
Buncombe Local Results 
State Board of Elections for Buncombe here.  (Use arrow on bottom right under Federal results to scroll down to see all contests.)
Henderson County Local Results
State Board of Elections for Henderson here.  (Use arrow on bottom right under Federal results to scroll down to see all contests.)
State Board of Elections Statewide Results see here.  (Click on the race you want to see results. )
Good Night for Conservative Wins Across the Nation
Pastor Mark Harris has upset Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.) in his Tuesday primary, toppling the incumbent congressman after nearly (beating) him in a primary two years ago.
Other News Yesterday ...  Trump Nixes Iran Deal!  
 Second Amendment Alive and Well: Podcast:   Senior Organizes Rallies for 2A  in 500 High Schools.  Awesome young person!!  
Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show at the Ag Center:  Saturday, May 12th:  9AM - 5PM.  Sunday, May 13th:  10AM - 4PM.   ATP will have our usual table.  Keep buying guns and ammo!   Come visit and volunteer to help!