Mark Harris, Candidate for US Senate: The Question of Integrity

Mark Harris, Candidate for US Senate:  The question of integrity:


Please read the following iCaucus statement and the supporting materials carefully regarding the disingenuous remarks by Mark Harris.  This information  is up on the iCaucus NC state page and on FB and Twitter.  Please be armed with information when you attend meetings and you are confronted with this misinformation.

 Also, be aware that Robin Hayes, former GOP Chair, is his campaign manager.  This is nothing more than a maneuver to peel away votes from iCaucus endorsed Dr. Greg Brannon, the only candidate who will, Like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, stand up for our Constitution and We The People. 

The Question of Integrity

Posted by Mitzi Fortune 275cc on October 31, 2013 · Flag

The integrity of  iCaucus, its affiliates and members have been impugned by Rev. Mark Harris, an NC Senate candidate, resulting in action being required on behalf of all those involved. In addition, there have been unnamed people attending various events with our affiliate groups stating the same erroneous information.  This has been reported at various events, but most recently by Rev. Mark Harris answering one question he was asked during a Buncombe County GOP meeting. When asked why he didn't participate in the iCaucus vetting and endorsement process he responded that he wasn't contacted. This is untrue and Rev. Harris knows this. He chose not to respond truthfully to avoid explaining why his Senate candidacy was on again, off again in early Spring and Summer, an issue iCaucus has already had to answer to.  His lack of firm commitment to running shows a disregard for the very citizens who he wants to garner votes from.  These same actions were used by the establishment GOP in 2010 and 2012 to try to derail other citizen-endorsed iCaucus candidates. They do not want We the People choosing their own representation; they want to choose and then tell the citizens who to vote for. They make it appear that you have a choice of some great candidates but the truth is they will vote the party line and not Constitutional principles. Nor will you be able a to hold them accountable because their loyalty is NOT to We the People but to the party.  This particular candidate is a perfect example of exactly what our process is designed to uncover.  A person who has a title that should inspire trust and already is compromised to the point of speaking untruth thereby creating ethical, moral, and integrity questions before even fully announcing his candidacy on Sept 15, 2013, let alone actually being elected to office.  It's simple, if he speaks untruth now, how can anyone expect him to live by his Oath of Office?

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