Mark Harris Needs Your Help!

This is an important message. As policy, the NCGOP does not engage its list of donors and supporters to solicit donations to individual candidates and causes. We don’t do this because of the financial needs of the Party and sheer volume of candidates. 

Chairman Hayes has authorized a rare exception for our friend, Congressman-Elect Dr. Mark Harris. 

After the votes were cast on November 6, Harris thought that the election was over. But after the State Board of Elections refused to certify Mark's election win in the Ninth Congressional District, he has had to fight on a front that he did not expect. His opponent Dan McCready and the national Democrat Party have enlisted Hillary Clinton's Washington, D.C. election lawyer, Marc Elias, to submit legal filings with the State Board of Elections demanding that his election not be certified and that McCready be given another shot in a new election. This, despite the fact that no public evidence has shown any election irregularities would overturn Mark's 905-vote victory margin. 

Mark has had to use his own personal funds to engage lawyers to defend his election victory. The NCGOP and his lawyers have demanded that the State Board of Elections follow state law and certify the election if any irregularities shown would not affect the election's outcome. The liberal news media are repeating over and over that a new election is required, but the public evidence to date does not show that, or much of anything. This will not change when the new State Board takes up the matter in February. 

I am asking you to help Mark fight by contributing to a legal defense fund recently set up for him. Any amount can help.

The legal expense fund may accept contributions of up to $5,000 each calendar year from any individual or business, including a corporation, as well as a political action committee. Contributions by partnerships or S Corporations will be deemed to be contributions from the entity's owners in the proportion of their ownership interests. Federal lobbyists and foreign agents may not contribute. Contributions to the trust fund will be disclosed in filings with the U.S. House Ethics Committee.

If you will help Mark, a contribution of any size would be appreciated. Please send any contributions to the address below:

The Mark Harris Legal Defense Fund
c/o Nexsen Pruet, PLLC
Attn: Robert H. Hull, Jr.
Suite 1550
227 West Trade Street
Charlotte, N.C.  28202

For general donations, please visit the Mark Harris for Congress website. All donations are subject to disclosure via federal regulations.

Thank you for helping Mark fight to secure the victory that the Democrat Party and the news media desperately want to deny him. 

Dallas Woodhouse

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