Mark Johnson, NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, Is Wrong For Lt Governor


The accomplishments Mark Johnson touts about his time as NC Superintendent of Instruction in his press release announcing his candidacy for NC Lt Governor, ARE NOT HIS. They belong to the NC General Assembly. 

Johnson also remained silent when Gov Roy Cooper and the Dimms attacked our legislature over teacher pay raises.  Part of the job of LT Governor is economic growth. The needle on educational growth hasn't moved under Johnson's tenure as NC Superintendent. The work force to fill job needs isn't there. We don't need a failure to move up!

The truth is, Johnson's in jeopardy of losing the election of NC Superintendent of Public instruction to the Lefties. On top of all of this, Johnson received a $5100.00 campaign contribution on 12/16/2015 from Michael R. Bloomberg, former Mayor of NY City.  (See Johnson’s 2015 NC State Board of Elections report.) Bloomberg is listed as a top donor. If Johnson is such a Conservative, why did he take money from someone who is anti 2A, pro-abortion, and everything socialism?  Please continue to solidly support Mark Keith Robinson for Lt Governor who stands up for Conservative principles.

Mark Keith Robinson is the standard bearer for the Republican Party Platform. Tell your friends, neighbors and relatives, why Mark Keith Robinson is who we need to fix education and to keep NC economically competitive with a well trained work force. We need a patriot not a politician in the crucial role of Lt Gov.