Mark Watman, Buncombe County School Board Candidate


Mark Watman retired and moved to the Asheville area in 2015 from the Chicago suburbs with his wife..  Mark has had a 40 year teaching career teaching and coaching at both high school and college.  His high school courses included Psychology, Health and PE classes and 2 varsity sports (gymnastics and fencing).  As an adjunct instructor, he taught undergraduate Psychology, Sociology, and Education courses.  Throughout my years of teaching, I was responsible for designing and implementing curriculums for all the courses I taught. 

 Since moving here, I have been a substitute teacher for the Buncombe County schools.  I have worked at all the high, middle, intermediate and many of the elementary schools throughout the entire county; all subjects and programs, including history and social studies.


Any help or advice you would be willing to share with me regarding getting elected or curriculum input would be most appreciated. I am not currently using social media, but the campaign dictates that I develop a web page and become a user of facebook and probably twitter.  This will be a novel experience for me, to develop and begin using all of these.