Sheriff McDonald Supporter, Subitted by Dolores Nuss, 5/1/2018

McDonald supporter

To the editor: The media coverage at the forum for candidates running for sheriff in Henderson County was handled poorly. While attending the forum, I noticed several news stations there, but after the fact, realized there wasn’t sufficient coverage or reports.

Due to this insufficient reporting, I am here to acknowledge that Sheriff Charles McDonald is a vision of trust, loyalty, leadership and professionalism, which he displayed at the forum. Sheriff McDonald did an excellent job, was very professional and was confident enough to address the questions provided with correct information.

There was a favorable turnout for both candidates; however, Lowell Griffin proved to be inaccurate on several accounts, one specifically regarding Bill 287G, which he was extremely unaware of. So as a caring member of this community, I would feel much comfortable if Sheriff McDonald was re-elected as he would continue to protect and serve Henderson County with our best interest.

Dolores Nuss, Hendersonville