Mike LaPaglia for NC Sec of State


Congressman Mark Meadows R NC11, endorses Mike LaPaglia for NC Secretary of State and so does ATPAC.  Please see our endorsement letter here. 

Please visit Mike's  website  http://lapagliafornc.nationbuilder.com/

Meet Michael 

Mike LePaglia for NC Secretary of State Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LaPagliaForNC/

ATP has been working with Mike and Voter Integrity Project on exposing illegal alien notaries notarizing absentee ballots.  We gathered data from 20 counties across NC so when Mike becomes our Secretary of State, he knows where to look. 

We must retire career politician Elaine Marshall who has used and abused the office.  Handing out notary stamps to illegal aliens is the California way of doing business.

Mike LaPaglia is a free market champion advocate of small business, just what North Carolina needs to continue its economic growth. 

Find out more about Mike LaPaglia and why ATPAC has firmly stood behind him for the past two election cycles.  He is the ONLY candidate with the qualifications, the track record,  and the experience, andthe  passion to see North Carolina thrive. 

Help us to make Mike LaPaglia North Carolina's Secretary of State.