About Miriam Chu for NCGOP Vice-Chair


About Miriam Chu:

  • Team building, facilitative and motivational skills learned in 30 years of manufacturing and business experience
  • True on the ground grassroots experience as TEA Party chair, FreedomWorks National Activist Advisory Council member and Republican precinct chair
  • Successful Vice President for North Carolina’s largest Republican women’s club, Moore Republican Women
  • Part of the winning team in Moore County that every republican on the ballot in November 2018 won Moore County!
  • Has engaged in social media training for Republican and activist groups since 2017
  • Miriam is retired and financially independent and has her husband’s full support in the effort to rebuild the North Carolina republican party and is the only VC candidate available to work full time
  • Miriam supports Jim Womack for Chairman


  • Increase IT support for Counties and Republican Associations at NCGOP Raleigh Headquarters
  • Mentor precinct chairs and workers to develop strong networks
  • Improve communications using counties in precincts to bypass the biased mainstream media
  • Foster new membership through creative messaging and outreach
  • Use artwork to spark the public imagination and engage the base
  • Increase organizational transparency to improve communication, upward mobility and trust
  • Network with other conservative groups to increase energy and expand reach
  • Improve communication and cooperation with Legislature
  • Improve messaging and social media presence to increase fundraising & voter turnout


  • The job of the Republican Party is to elect Republicans
  • The job of a leader is to inspire, unite, encourage and recruit
  • Great plans are worthless if they can’t be enacted
  • Dollars don’t win elections, votes do, look at Trump vs Hillary
  • Personal contact is still the proven most effective get out the vote tool!
  • Vice Chair should work to unify, encourage and support all our Republican team members from precinct workers to central committee members and beyond.


Job description for Vice Chair from the NCGOP Plan of Organization:

The Vice Chairman shall be chief assistant to the Chairman and shall act as Chairman in the absence of the Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall maintain close liaison with the District and County Vice-Chairman and encourage and direct activities in the Party structure. The Vice- Chairman shall work with the National Committeewoman and National Committeeman and provide them with information and assistance on state matters. The Vice-Chairman shall have such other duties as may be prescribed by the State Executive and Central Committees.