Mission Accomplished! ATP in DC with FreedomWorks to #ConfirmKavanaugh!

Our trip back to #ConfirmKavanaugh DC was a hush hush 'till we got there. Didn't want to alert the loons (who cornered us twice without effect!). (Remember, we were there the week before for Rally for the Republic.)   
We are exhausted. Hear all of the exciting details and see the pictures of this momentous historical event at this Thursday'sTea Time, 10/11/18, IHOP, 6PM, 229 Airport Rd., Arden. Lots of picts from #ConfirmKavanaugh and Rally for the Republic, and theTrump Rally in Johnson City, Tennessee!  How about Lori and Lee's trip to Italy too. 
Can't forget ...  We did a gun show over the weekend to top this off! And it that wasn't enough ... this coming Saturday, Constitution Event at Jackson Park in Hendersonville, 11AM - 2PM.  
Our Board has been busy. 
Come and celebrate one of our great victories!   

L-R:  NC Delegation to Senate to #ConfirmKavanaugh  Lobbying: Jane Bilello (Hendersonville) Shamika Bethea (Fayetteville) , Lynda Bennett (Maggie Valley)  
A Note from Adam Brandon on Judge Kavanaugh's Confirmation

By Adam Brandon, CEO FreedomWorks

We did it! After MONTHS of Democratic obstruction, radical protests, and downright despicable behavior from the Left, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible community of activists for the relentless effort they put in to make this possible. You sent nearly 2 MILLION messages to the Senate reminding them who elected them and urging them to confirm this highly-qualified jurist to the Court. They flooded the Capitol with Americans from across the country, forcing them to hear our message. Finally, YOU countered the Left's smear campaign against this brave man and his family online. 

Without your astonishing work, Justice Kavanaugh NEVER would have weathered the storm, and the Democrats' shameless strategy of "search and destroy" would've become the standard tactic in keeping strong conservatives off the Supreme Court. Instead, we're heading into the midterm elections fresh off an amazing win, with a full understanding of just what kind of a radicalized Left we're facing. 

Here's to you, and let's keep this going into what is surely going to be a ruthless election in November!

Adam Brandon
President, FreedomWorks
Lynda Bennett, Haywood 9.12 Chair and FreedomWorks activist with reporter. 

Outside of Lindsay Graham's Office:  Shamika Bethea, Sue Butcher, Jane Bilello, Maggie Sandrock, Lynda Bennett, and Carol - retired from the Navy.  Met Carol outside of the FreedomWorks building when we arrived and took her with us to Freedomworks to make her part of our Patriot Activists.  
FreedomWorks Activists in pink hats and' I Stand With Bret't shirts writing notes to Senators
Much more at Tea Time this Thursday.  
Saturday, October 13th: Hurricane Florence forced the re-scheduling of the We Read The Constitution Event to 10/13/18 at Jackson Park, 11AM - 2PM. Our newest guest to add to our day is Lady Liberty and Justice!  Don't miss her, the GOP Elephant and ShBoom!  Please bring friends. Free event.  Congressman Mark Meadows, NC Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson and 17 other candidates will be there including judges.  Free gifts for families with kids. Directions to Jackson Park here.

Wait until you see the photos of the Rally for Republic.  Thank you Bob Coffey, photographer extraordinaire!  
 Click on the DropBox link here to down load the PDF file onto your computer. Then open it and you will be prompted to allow it to show full screen. It will then run automatically through all forty slides in just under 3 minutes.


The only way we lose this Republic is if you stay home  Grab 4 friends and Go Vote!  


Judges and the Six Amendments, including Voter ID MUST be passed in November!  Get out and vote and bring friends!  
Please counter the Left and post and share your support on Facebook for NC Voter ID and on NC Senator Chuck Edwards page for the Six Amendments.