More endorsements for Dr Greg Brannon for US Senate. Defeat the RINOs AND Progressives

Why you need to vote for Greg Brannon, US Senate

Retreat is not an option.  

Mitch McConnell to heading fundraiser for Thom Tillis (Lindsay Grahmn R SC and Mike Enzi R WY too)

Read another reason why Dr Brannon is the candidate to stand up for Constitutional principles: Mark Harris:  A Question of Integrity:

What you need to know about the Progressives and RINO'S running against Dr. Greg Brannon in the primary:

Endorsements:  and

Tea Party Protesters Picket Karl Rove and Tillis Fundraiser:

Dr Brannon is also endorsed by Rand Paul and supported by Red State and many conservatives and groups.  Please continue to support his campaign.

Greg Brannon


Kay Hagan's attack dogs at the DNC are getting vicious. 

Once again, they're targeting me -- BY NAME -- after Conservative pundit and author, Ann Coulter, enthusiastically endorsed my campaign. 

Jane, the Democrat Party’s vicious attacks on me prove one thing: 

They’re frightened

They know the people of North Carolina have had ENOUGH of Kay Hagan marching in lockstep with Barack Obama’s radical agenda -- and they’re ready to throw her out of office. 

They’ve seen the recent poll showing that I am the ONLY Republican who can beat Kay Hagan in a head-to-head matchup.

And they’ve seen Tea Party conservatives like Senator Rand Paul, Ann Coulter, Red State’s Erick Erickson, and Dudley Brown and the National Association for Gun Rights PAC rallying behind my campaign. 

That’s why Kay Hagan’s Left-Wing attack dogs are coming after me with everything they’ve got. 

But I’m not backing down. 

I’m not going to “drift to the middle” or make my views more “moderate.” 

Instead, I will continue speaking out for our Conservative values of limited government, free markets, low taxes and individual liberty. 

Can I count on you to stand with me in this all-out fight to restore Constitutional government? 

My campaign is just over 100 donations short of reaching 1,000 donations for November alone. 

Can I count on you to help me reach 1,000 by making a generous contribution

You see, unlike my opponent, I don't have -- nor want -- the support of the special interest lobby and the Washington establishment. 

While my opponent is stuffing his campaign coffers with special-interest money, I'm the candidate of grassroots conservatives who are tired of business-as-usual in Washington. 

And my campaign team has put together a conservative voter mobilization plan consisting of email, direct mail, phone banking, and Internet and social media ads

And if we have the resources, hard hitting TV and radio ads all designed to spread my conservative message to voters across the state. 

This is a time-tested program that propelled Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee to victory over better-funded establishment moderates in their campaigns. 

But Jane, none of this is possible without the help and support of good folks like you. 

That's why I hope you'll agree to make a generous contribution to my campaign

Political experts say every dollar raised now is worth as much as ten dollars down the road. 

If you want more lawyers and career politicians, you've got plenty of choices -- including my primary opponent. 

But if you want real reform and someone who will stand up for freedom against the overreaching federal government, then Greg needs your help like never before. 

So please make the most generous contribution you can afford to help me join Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee on the frontlines in their fight to restore constitutional government. 

Thanks in advance for your support. 

Greg Brannon
Greg Brannon, MD 
Republican Candidate
United States Senate 

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