NC-3 Good Ol’ Boys Club Still at Work


Good ol' boys club still at work.  

NC-03: Nix quits NCGOP

Commentary by Jane Bilello

Greg Murphy who is running in District 3 for Walter Jones’ seat, has grossly mis-represented himself as a conservative.  He worked with Walter Jones and his family for approximately 4 months before the Congressman's passing to convince him to throw his support behind him. And apparently that is what Murphy has been doing - telling everyone that Walter Jones supporter him as his successor.

He has been working and scheming for months. He has also secured the support of Linda Blount, a big supporter of Rep. Jones and a huge fundraiser for the GOP. Same thing with Lindy Robinson, who was in charge of Jones' campaign fundraising.  

Jeff Moore is currently in DC talking with the Rand Paul folks. He believes he will get Rand Paul's endorsement. 

Michael Speciale is the true constitutional conservative to be considered for Walter Jones' congressional seat. He has the record to prove it and the testimony of his constituency to show that he keeps close to his constituency. He holds Town Hall events (Murphy never does), explains why he has voted the way he has, and offers no apologies for his position. He is a fiscal and social conservative (unlike Murphy).

Michael's record of achievement and protection of conservative values and institutions in North Carolina (especially for eastern NC), speaks loudly as to why we need to get behind him.  Michael has been a proven champion with respect to the Second Amendment and the rights protected, education (including requiring that founding American history be taught in high school), voter ID, voter integrity, fiscal responsibility, fishing rights, amending our state constitution to remove offensive language and provisions, etc.   He is an excellent proponent of conservative values and legislation. He is who we need.  If the GOP would get behind conservative candidates, they’d win!