NC House Cody Henson

BREVARD, NC, June 12 - Today, Representative Cody Henson joined 72 other legislators and voted in favor of overriding Governor Cooper's budget veto.

"This budget includes too important things for the Governor to be playing political games with it," commented Representative Henson.

Such important items in the budget include the following: 

  • Tax cuts for individuals and small businesses
  • 6.5% increase in teacher pay
  • An 8% pay raise for State Highway Patrol officers
  • Replenishing the state's 'Rainy Day Fund'
  • $35 million to secure our schools (including $10 million for mental health personnel)

"This is a solid, responsible budget that meets our state's needs," continued Representative Henson. "It puts more money into education, healthcare, and community safety while slashing taxes for hard working people."