NC Marriage Amendment in Trouble?? AG Roy Cooper Violates His Oath

Asheville Tea Party, Inc., does not get involved in social issues per say.  However, we do staunchly defend adherence to Constitutional authority.  We are a nation of laws and we demand that our representatives uphold the law.  Therefore, we have concluded that Attorney General Roy Cooper is in violation of his duties and the oath he took to uphold the laws of North Carolina by not defending the law – specifically, the Marriage Amendment overwhelming passed in May of 2012. 

Cooper said he "will not oppose" the cases challenging the constitutionality of Amendment One, and that the state will "acknowledge the Fourth Circuit Court opinion."

 “The Attorney General is elected by the people of North Carolina every four years as the state’s top law enforcement officer and top lawyer. Powers and duties of the Attorney General are set forth in the Constitution and Statutes of North Carolina.”  The duties and responsibilities of the Attorney General’s office are dictated by the state constitution and state statutes.  

Roy Cooper doesn't get to pick which laws to uphold and which not.  The Attorney General takes an oath to carry out the duties of his office by upholding the law – all laws – regardless of whether he personally  supports or agrees with them or not. What law will he choose to disregard next? 

To make matters worse, Cooper appears to be hypocritical.  In the AC-T article on July 29, 2014, ‘Cooper: NC Same Sex Marriage Ban Will Be Overturned,’   ““Cooper said the state "will not oppose" the cases challenging the constitutionality of Amendment One, and that the state will "acknowledge the Fourth Circuit Court opinion."

In the same article, “Cooper has said he personally supports marriage equality but his personal views would not prevent him from vigorously defending North Carolina's constitutional amendment against such marriages in state lawsuits.”  Humm?

Unless this was a misprint, he not only can’t have it both ways, but he is in violation of his oath of office!

 Is it time to replace our activist Attorney General or perhaps the NC Legislature needs to get involved for his ‘willful neglect of duty.’ (North Carolina Constitution Chapter 123, Article I  § 123-5.)


Asheville Tea Party, Inc Stand on 'Marriage'

If the state continually interferes with ‘Marriage,’ your pastors will find themselves with either breaking state law or violating religious beliefs and practices.  The other choice would be to discontinue performing marriages in your church so they do not violate state law.  This, we believe, is a violation of the First Amendment to our US Constitution which states: ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; … ‘

Asheville Tea Party, Inc. official stand on “Marriage” is consistent with our mission to adherence to Constitutional authority, specifically, religious freedom guaranteed in the First Amendment under the Bill of Rights

No religious institution or their clergy may be compelled by the state (or the courts), through legislation or edict, to perform any ceremony or otherwise act against their religious practices for what the state deems in “the interest of society” up to and including laws of general applicability that do not comply with all rights and freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. 

The term “Marriage” will be relegated to the religious institutions within the State and left to their interpretation and regulation. The State will no longer recognize religious ideologies in the regulation of legal couplings now deemed Domestic Partnerships. Further, the State will no longer interfere in the interests or practices of religious institutions within the State. Said institutions being free to operate according to their own personal belief and conscience, the State recognizes the right of religious institutions and the clergy to operate freely within the bounds of the law and without State interference or fear of molestation.

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