NC TEA Party Constitutional Caucus Saturday Oct 17th 2015


  • Planned Parenthood  murders infants and sells baby parts
  • a Christian arrested and  chained for exercise of religious conscience
  • Obamacare funded  – again
  •  the U.S. and the world at grave risk because the Republican Senate gave up their right to ratify treaties
  • Speaker of the House Boehner punishes Conservatives and demands their votes, corrupting our Republic
  • still no accountability for IRS targeting Conservative groups or 4 murdered Americans in Benghazi on 9/11/2012
  • Hillary still getting away with compromising our national security with her private server
  • … and the list goes on and on …
This is what you’ve been waiting for.  WE fight back.  Plan to become part of this historic first event.  
All that evil needs to take hold is for good men (and women) to remain silent.  Do something about the pernicious evil Progressive roots withering our liberties and shredding the very foundations that made this country great. 
  This is a wake up call for Progressives from all parties – WE THE PEOPLE will choose our candidates for President and NC Senate.     
North Carolina TEA Party Constitutional Caucus held on locations all over NC
Contact:  Caucus Leaders         
will be held on Saturday, October 17th, 2015 at 9AM  at various caucus locations across North Carolina.
” …The North Carolina TEA Party Constitution Caucus is WE THE PEOPLE – ordinary citizens across the state gathering together with other like-minded citizens to restore our beloved Republic with principled men and women who respect and abide by our United States Constitution and the inalienable rights of each citizen.
To restore our exceptional nation – our Republic – we need to elect principled representatives. …”
The Mission – “One Mission … One Candidate”
“… The mission of the North Carolina TEA Party Constitutional Caucus (NC TEA Party Constitutional Caucus) is to find one United States Presidential and one North Carolina Senatorial grassroots candidate who embrace limited government, individual rights, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, and who represent the citizens of the State and not special interests. …”
Candidates for United States President and Senate are encouraged to send representatives to each of the caucus locations in North Carolina and to become familiar with the Rules of the Caucus, as well as their responsibility as a candidate.
It is the hope that all candidates and citizens will participate in this historic, first time event, held on the anniversary of the British surrender to General George Washington on October 17th, 1781,  that effectively ended the fighting in the colonies.
The known candidates will be sent invitations to participate.
Caucus participants  (YOU)  are urged to become familiar with their responsibilities as caucus participants. All are welcome to attend, but only North Carolinians with valid photo IDs may vote.  See Rules.
Like the TEA Party Movement, this caucus is without ‘A’ leader. This effort is truly Of the People, By the People, For the People.  Volunteers have stepped up to organize the caucus as Caucus Moderators.  TheCaucus Moderators will follow a ‘script’ at each location to assure uniformity of the process.
After the Caucus is complete, all Caucus forms and vote tallies will be gathered from each location and upon request, be available for inspection to assure the candidates and the public of consistency and accountability throughout this process.
 Please see Our Commitment To Transparency on the website.
For any and all questions, please to go to for complete information regarding the North Carolina TEA Party Constitutional Caucus.  ‘Like’ the website andFacebook page.   

Thank you.