NC Unelected Judges Trying To Use The Courts to Take Over the House. 

The Left is throwing everything they have at us. For the second time, two unelected judges from the U.S. District Court in North Carolina have listened to the radical Liberals who are looking to throw out the Congressional map and redraw districts DAYS BEFORE federal elections in November.

They are trying to use the courts to take over the House.

With primary elections over and only 70 days until election day, the Democrats are looking to regain control of the House by any means necessary – even if it means unconstitutionally booting myself and my North Carolina colleagues.

Unbelievably they may even force a special election in December or later. That would allow outside special interests to outspend and defeat conservatives.

I am willing to stand and fight – like I’ve done since first being elected in 2012 – but I need to know that you’re with me. We can’t just sit back and watch a ‘Blue Wave’ steal this election out from under us.

Dorothea, this is a major insult to our democracy. The people in these districts have already spoken and chosen their party’s nominees.

If the U.S. District Court is allowed to throw out the map JUST DAYS before the 2018 midterm elections, it would mean conservatives like me would be at the mercy of unelected, liberal judges deciding what North Carolina’s Congressional map should look like – rather than voters like you electing your own state representatives who follow the Constitution and draw the map.

We are facing a defining moment: liberal, far-left activists are coming for conservatives.

And MORE IMPORTANTLY: they are coming for voters like you.

Will you stand with me to protect our values and protect our Republican Majority in the House? We have come so far with the America First agenda and we can’t stop now. If the Left regains control of the House, they will: roll back your tax cuts, open our borders, ram through their one-size-fits-all healthcare agenda, and impeach the President.

We are just 70 days from election day and I need your support now more than ever. Dorothea, we are up against odds that we didn’t even realize we would be facing.

Will you join me in standing up to unfair, liberal tactics trying to steal control of the House?

Thank you in advance for your continued support of our Constitutional conservative values!


Meadows for Congress
Congressman Mark Meadows
House Freedom Caucus member
North Carolina’s 11th District