NC11 Delegates and Alternates Elected at GOP NC 11 Convention. June 7th Primary and Justice Bob Edmunds


   The National Cruz for President Campaign Delegates and Alternates Elected at the NC11 District Convention


We managed to get 4 out of our 6 Cruzers elected!  NC12 also had  good night getting all of their Cruz delegates  elected.  

 Each of NC's 13 districts gets 3 delegates and 3 alternates to the National Convention for a total of 39 delegates and 39 alternates. 

Total Delegates:  Cruz 35, Trump 4.  Alternates: Cruz 35 Trump 4.


Elected Slate for NC 11


Leo Phillips, Cherokee, Trump

Congressman Mark Meadows, Jackson, Cruz

Clay McCreary, Caldwell, Cruz


Melisa Loudermilch, Jackson, Trump

Glen Englram, Henderson, Cruz

Jane Bilello, Henderson, Cruz


Elector (Electoral College):  Mark Delk, Buncombe

 Thanks to all who came out on a Wednesday night, 4/27/16,  and hung in there until after 10PM!  

Big Thanks to Buncombe County Republican Women's Club for the food.  No way could this have happened at dinner time into the night without food!  

 A very special thank you to all of you who made those hundreds of phone calls to all 17 counties to get folks to the NC 11 Convention.  You are truly awesome:  Diane, Jennifer, Lori, Rick, Kay, Tina, Dorothea, Sarah, Harvey, Glen, Lynda, and Jim and those of you who helped us out with filling the 'holes' in our info!   

NC11 Cruz Delegates

1- Congressmn Mark Meadows, Jackson County     

 2-Clay McCreary, Caldwell County.   

NC11 Cruz Alternates

Glen Englram, Henderson County. 

Jane Bilello, Henderson County 


  Your Cruz NC11 Slate at the NCGOP Convention for At Large Delegates

 If you are attending the NCGOP Convention May 6-8, 2016 in Greensboro, please vote for the other two NC 11 delegates chosen by the Cruz for President Campaign: James F. Davis from Clay and Lynda Bennett from Haywood. Thanks!

May 6-8, 2016

Koury Convention Center

3121 West Gate City Boulevard

Greensboro, NC

 Lynda Bennett, Haywood County. 

 James Davis, Clay County. 

 The six candidates above have been strong, longtime Cruz supporters.

  Of course, the other really big news of the day was Ted's announcement of Carly Fiorina as his VP Pick! Go Ted and Carly! www/

 See #CruzCrew Daily Briefs for the latest campaign news. Post  Tweets and Facebook posts too.  

And,  this is  why Ted Cruz is our most qualified and electable candidate.  

                     June 7th is a primary!!  Don't forget.  

            Vote Republican Justice Bob Edmunds on June 7th if you want to assure that our Constitution is respected and upheld.  

The recent controversy over HB2 and our Voter ID law underscores how important it is for us to get Constitutional, principled judges elected.  Your Vote is vital. PLEASE vote in the June 7th primary for Justice Bob Edmunds

 Sample ballot for Buncombe here.  All other counties, just The Supreme Court primary is probably the only race on your ballot.  Get Out and Vote for Justice Bob Edmunds.  Remind your neighbors.  Also, volunteers wanted to make phone calls and be at the polls, June 7th.  Call Jane at 828 692 3117.  Thanks.  

All Republican judges on the ballot in November:


   JUNE 7TH Get Out The Vote for NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds and for some, Congressional Races

 Scroll down the page here to see if  your district is involved in a congressional primary.  (NC 11, Mark Meadows (R) has no primary challenger. There is a Democrat primary.  

 NC 10, incumbent Patrick McHenry (R) has three candidates running against him. There is no Democrat primary.  On 3/19/16, we interviewed both of McHenry's challengers  at Skyland FD for the second time.  It is imperative, as an educated citizen, that you find out about them to make a wise choice.

 Voter Information here:

See here for Press Release.   


Asheville Tea PAC is dedicated to bringing the people back into the election process by their participation to replace compromised incumbents with good men and women who commit to fiscal responsibility through Constitutional authority.   We focus on finding principled candidates, vetting, endorsing, and campaigning to get them elected.  We then hold them accountable.  



Asheville Tea PAC 2016 Endorsed Candidates


Please support our Primary Winners in November 


Attorney General:       Representative Buck Newton (R)


Commissioner of Insurance:  Mike Causey (R)


NC Secretary of State:     Michael LaPaglia (R)


NC House 113:  Cody Henson (R) Read his special message.

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