NCGA Adjourns With NO ACTION on HB2. See Wall of Shame GOP Senators Who Voted To Repeal. Primary Them!

 Thank you for your phone calls and emails to our NC lawmakers and to those of you who trekked to Raleigh to lobby.  The day was chaotic, to say the least.  Moreover, why a repeal for HB2 to even be considered speaks to the fact that the GOP is still caving to and placating the left and their lunacy.  
There are many who are standing strong like NC 113 Rep Chris Whitmire, Senator Chuck Edwards,  and Lt Gov Dan Forest on a NO repeal vote.  However,  there are other Senators who voted AYE to repeal and they were all Republicans!                                                                                                                       
Be assured, we must continue to 'hound' them all.  Please see below for Wall Of Shame GOP Senators  who voted for repeal and to not #KeepNCSafe.  Primary them! And 'Thank' those GOP senators who stood strong. (Please note the Dems who voted NO did so because they want total surrender so municipalities like Charlotte, can pass their own bathroom ordinances without fear from the NCGA.) 

... A must read.  He needs to be our next Gov!  

The Wall Of Shame
Retweet This:  . @MyNCSenate @NCSenateDems #WallOfHB2Shame who Voted AYE to Repeal #HB2! Primary Them!  The Yellow = Dems.  NO votes THANKED! @NCValues 
Wall of  HB2 Shame Vote Chart: See Which Senators Voted AYE to Repeal HB2! WE MUST Primary Them!  
Coding:  The Yellow = Democrats.  The NO GOP votes need to be THANKED! 
See 'View Member Info' to find above members.
In Case You Missed It ...  The time line 

 NC House 113 House Rep Chris Whitmire here.  919-715-4466
(Chris is with us and he is a NO vote.  He was on his way back to Raleigh from knee surgery!) 

NC House 117 Rep Chuck McGrady here. 919 733 5956

 NC Senator Chuck Edwards here.  He voted NO repeal!  919 733 5745

NC Senator Jim Davis here.  He voted YES to repeal. 919 733 5875

Governor Pat McCrory here.  919 814 2050 

Please continue to check our website at for updates to this newsletter and other pressing issues.  We appreciate your donations and continued support and confidence.  We are a 501c4 non-profit.  We take no salaries. We are accomplishing all we have set out to do.  Not bad for this Tea Party movement being dismissed, derided, and marginalized by the Left and the establishment RINOs.  Join the fight.  We've much, much  more to do in our state, locally, and in DC!     
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