NCGOP Chair and Vice-Chair Forum 6/1/2019

The NCGOP Chair and Vice Chair Forum on June 1, 2019 at the Skyland Fire Department was standing room only!  Just about every county in NC11 was represented in the room.


THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who took the time on a Saturday night to engage in the political process.  This is very encouraging.  We had not only Republicans in that room, but Unaffiliated voters and Walk Aways.  Wow! Of course, this would not have happened without our candidates!  Thank YOU!  

Special thanks to our Asheville Tea Party/PAC board for making all of this work: Mary Ann and Tom Braine for checking every one in.   They did double duty –  Mary Ann as time keeper and Tom as our time card keeper.  Paul Rebuck not only helped cart our materials to the second floor, but made sure parking and over-flow parking was going well.  Suzanne Tzareff and Lori Palfrey managed our table, shirts, hats, and AR tickets.  Doug Newell and Harvey Sankey made sure I got all of the audience question cards.  Special thanks to Linda Rebuck and Ginny Winston who helped set up the tables for the candidates – front and back of the room –  and to place the index cards, pencils and our business cards at every table.  Of course, we all pitched in to break down and load the car at the end of the night.

Thank you Jordan Bowman for your invaluable assistance to set up the Conservative Coalition of  North Carolina (CCNC).  We are growing to better assist conservative candidates like President Trump and Dan Forest.  You will be seeing much more of us. Please  ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @weareccnc. We will have a suite at the Convention.  Please come and stop by! 

Our Chair candidates included Michael Whatley and Jim Womack.  John Lewis had to cancel due to a conflict.  Our three NCGOP Vice-Chair candidates were also there:  Sarah Reidy-Jones, Ann Marie Yates, and Miriam Chu.

Leo Phillips, our moderator, did a great job asking very probing questions critical to the job of Chair of the State Republican Party. Jane asked the audience  questions and the Vice-Chair questions.

Leo’s questions were followed by nine audience submitted questions. There were thirty three questions submitted.  Many of the questions were very similar or they were answered in the course of the forum.  As promised, the questions below were not asked because of time restraints.

Though John Lewis was not there, there was one question specifically for him too.  These questions will remain on this website, linked to the Conservative Coalition of North Carolina (CCNC) site, the ATPAC and CCNC Facebook pages, and  sent to our Chair candidates for them to respond on Facebook at WeAreCCNC.

You can watch the entire forum here

Questions for All Chair Candidates

What efforts, if any, will you put forth to  since enjoin the Republican party and the Tea Party since they both believe in the same conservative ideals?  Can we try harder to work together?

The RNC seems to be having a hard time getting Republican women to run for office.  What will you do to help recruit Republican women?  We are very experienced in running headquarters and local volunteer management.  Why can’t the state party train these women to run for office – local and state?

Vote fraud is real.  Please discuss how this factors into your strategy?

Do you support Mike Causey or hold him responsible for the corruption scandal?

What, if any endorsements, are you able to speak of from party leadership? What is your greatest guiding influence in your life?

Can you explain how the NCGOP can contribute $ to the candidates without being involved in ‘directed contributions’?  How does that work?

There is great concern about balancing work and fulfilling the position of Chair.  We need total commitment if we are to re-brand the party, restore lost confidence, and bring the Party to relevance with social media, etc. not to mention that the national convention will be here in NC.   Will you be able to work at your normal job and serve well in the NCGOP elected position?

What will the NCGOP position be, if anything, on Convention of States if you are elected?

How do you intend to deal with the college vote that is destroying small communities and towns. This is making local citizens a minority without conservative representation. Rural votes must count!

Please give us a rundown on your political experience, including where you are from, associations, education, etc.

Concerned about the Republican Party leaving the social issues behind. If we do, then we will have left the foundations of the nation.  How will you use your leadership to assure this doesn’t happen?

If elected, what will you do to put the party back together in counties that have been divided?

What top three strategies do you intend to implement to help

  1. Preserve NC school Choice program and freedom of choice
  2. Preserve the State budget surplus
  3. Preserve freeom of religion and speech (including on college campuses)
  4. Protect schools and other entities from gender identification laws

Do you support a vigorous investigation of the individuals and circumstances that lead to the appointment of the special counsel that investigated President Trump?  Do you support the reversal of Roe v Wade?

Question for Michael Whatley

Mr. Whatley, your campaign seems to count heavily on your association and role in the 2016 Trump campaign. Can you tell us, in some detail, what your specific role was, who you reported to, and how you interfaced with those running the Trump Campaign during the active summer months?  Never heard your name until phone-introduced by Michele Nix early this year.

I would like to know exactly what you did with the Trump Campaign.  One time you said 2016 and another time you said 2015.  You have mentioned organizing the Greensboro Rally.  Which One?

If elected, Will you keep John Lewis as your general counsel?

Specific Questions for Jim Womack

Specific Question for John Lewis

You’ve stated in previous debates that your experience as leadership qualified you for the position of Chair.  Many people have expressed a desire to see all new leadership across the board, citing current leadership as the problem.  Are you not part of the current leadership?  Are you not part of the problem?