New Green Deal Resources. Use ‘Em on Your Democrat Socialist Friends!

As everyone is aware, the Green New Deal is a hot topic of conversation these days! Heritage has written a number of articles responding to the Green New Deal. Wanted to share in a collected format, along with some talking points everyone can lean on as well as we help educate on why the ideas in it are so disastrous. We may see a vote in the Senate (putting many Democrats in a tough political position), but still somewhat TBD.


Green New Deal Resources 

We all want clean and affordable energy to fuel our economy and improve our lives. However, the Green New Deal is a massive political power grab that would make energy unaffordable, devastate the economy, and hit working Americans the hardest.

Quick Facts:
  • Eliminating all CO2 emissions would have virtually no impact on climate change - producing less than a 0.2 degree Celsius temperature reduction and a 2-centimeter sea level rise reduction.
  • The Green New Deal includes trillions of dollars in ancillary social justice programming, which has no bearing on the environment, including: health care benefits, a jobs guarantee, and paid vacations for ALL people living in the United States.
  • Even members within the Democratic party have expressed skepticism, with Speaker Pelosi calling the Green New Deal a, "green dream, or whatever."
  • This deal aims to eliminate the fossil fuel industry, which would cost over $2 trillion in taxpayer dollars and cause some 10 million Americans in high-paying oil and gas industries to lose their jobs.
Energy Solutions:

Instead of overhauling the entire economy, Congress should put forth policy improvements that will drive innovation in all forms of energy, improve market access, and incentivize competition. Some ideas include:
  • Eliminate barriers to innovation
  • Allow for the free trade of energy and energy technologies
  • Give more regulatory authority to the states, who are more accountable to their citizens and closest to the situation
In fact, instead of eliminating American shale oil and gas, we should support it. By 2035, American shale oil and gas will produce:
  • An average employment gain of 700,000 jobs
  • An increase of over $27,000 in income for a family of four
  • A marked reduction in household electricity expenditures
  • A total GDP increase of $2.4 trillion
Articles by Heritage Analysts:

Green is the New Red by Steve Moore, Distinguished Visiting Fellow for Economic Policy

The Green New Deal aims to eliminate the fossil fuel industry – the very industry responsible for producing the fastest growth of new jobs over the past decade – yet the deal claims to eliminate poverty. Affordable, reliable, and widely available energy is essential to lifting people out of poverty and improving the life, health, and comfort of people trying to reach a better standard of living. The GND is a threat to all of this, with nothing to offset the destruction.

The Green New Deal Would Barely Change the Earth's Temperature. Here are the Facts. by Nick Loris, Research Fellow for Energy, the Environment, and Regulatory Reform

Fully implementing the Green New Deal would have no meaningful impact on global temperatures. Even if the U.S. could cut its carbon dioxide emissions 100%, the world would only be 0.137 degrees Celsius cooler by 2100, and only 0.278 degrees cooler if we assume every other industrialized nation did the same. Americans could face hundreds of dollars in new energy costs monthly, and the loss of jobs could be in the millions. The Green New Deal is a massive government-planned, taxpayer-funded plan that is a raw deal for Americans – and an ineffective climate policy.

California's High-Speed Rail Failure Shows the Insanity of Green New Deal by David Ditch, Research Analyst for Budget and Transportation

The Green New Deal proposes building, “high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.” This week, California Governor Newsom decided to massively shrink the state’s high-speed rail project due to exorbitant costs and length of construction. If high-speed rail did not make sense for a wealthy, high-population area such as coastal California, it makes even less sense for the nation’s heartland.

The True Meaning of That Green New Deal by Lee Edwards, Distinguished Fellow for Conservative Thought  

The Green New Deal is a blueprint to turn American into a socialist state. It is the culmination of a 90-year campaign, beginning with FDR and the first New Deal. One of numerous problems with the proposal includes the cost of this radical “retrofit” of America and who would pay for it. It’s easy being green when all you have to do is pick other people’s pockets.
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