No Tea Time 3/8/18. School Safety, Tariffs, Obamacare Bailouts GOP Will Own, DACA and the Ugly Omnibus Coming

 Reminder: No Tea Time Thursday, March 8th, 2018.  
We resume March 15th at 6PM at IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden. 
Speaker: NC House 113 Candidate Amy Evans (R)
Saturday and Sunday March 10th and 11th Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show at the Ag Center..   Volunteers welcome. 
Glock 43 Gun Raffle underway. Stick It To the Gun Grabbers!   Tickets here or at the Gun Show. 
Saturday, March 10, 2018:  Henderson County GOP Convention at Apple Valley Middle School. See here for details.
Saturday, March 10th: Transylvania County GOP Convention at the Brevard Library.. See here for details.
Monday, March 12th:  School Safety Committee attends Henderson County School Board meeting.  See below for details and  why it is important you attend.  
When prevention  and intervention fail,  and confrontation with the psycho shooter is the only option left ... 
Our schools are vulnerable targets because they are gun free zones!    Find out how you can become that agent for change on our School Safety Committee.   

Daily Signal: 
 Please attend the School Safety Education and Awareness Day on Saturday, April 7th at Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing shop from 1PM to 3PM ,  Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald will be our key note speaker for A School Safety Education and Awareness Afternoon.  
Other community leaders, including our school board, are invited.  If youwant meaningful change in our schools, our leaders need to have the political will to do so.  Come be part of that conversation.  
 Also, on Monday, March 12th, 2018:  Help us to encourage School Safety leaderhip and to extend theApril 7th invitation.    Please attend the Henderson School Board Meeting at the Henderson County Public Schools Administrative Offices on 414 Fourth Avenue West at 6:30PM.  
 More about Goals/Activities/Articles/Resources here.
Please join us to make phone calls, send emails, and write letters to the editor   Contact 828 692 3117. (Please leave your message phone number on the message machine.) 
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Tariffs - For or Against?  Arguments Rage
Bringing back manufacturing to the US is long overdue.  We also rely on so-called allies for our steel and aluminum and that worries some about our national security. What would happen if we went to war?  Allies today may not be our friends tomorrow. Are the threat of tariffs a  bargaining chip to level the playing field since we have been hosed by foreign competition that has decimated our manufacturing and put many our of work and on welfare?  .On the other hand, do tariffs make Americans more prosperous?  Do they make economic sense?  Below are compelling arguments.  
Tariffs and The Argument for National Security
Town Hall:  Pat Buchanan (a history lesson) Why Is The GOP Terrified of Tariffs?
Do Tariffs Make Economic Sense? 
The Hill: Steve Moore, Art Laffer, Larry Kudlow: Trump Must Think Twice About Tariffs
 Omnibus Bill Coming 3/23 and It's Ugly.  #NOObamacareBailouts.  GOP will own Obamacare forever if they bail out insurance companies.  
Contact your representatives.  No Bailouts for Obamacare.   
What you need to know and do:  Obamacare ToolKit here
Heritage Action for America Notes here. Tariffs, ESAs, Omnibus 
Coming vote this week ... 
Even The Washington Post Knows The Dimms Are Wrong on Net Neutrality
Climate Change ...  
Our Congressman Mark Meadows honored  -  again 

Scores 100% from Family Research Council 
" ..."We thank Rep. Meadows for consistently voting to defend and advance faith, family and freedom. As a 'True Blue Member' he voted 100 percent on FRC Action's Scorecard including votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, deliver long-needed tax cuts that are already providing much needed relief to working families, stand for religious liberty, overturn President Obama's transgender military policy, end the forced partnership between taxpayers and Planned Parenthood, and protect pain capable babies. "  Read more here.

Help us to continue to aggravate liberals and their failed progressive policies while supporting constitutional candidates and sending a message to the gun grabbers.   

"The right to bear arms shall not be "infringed.
Glock 43 Gun Raffle is underway. 
 Donation: 1 for $6. 2 for $10 in person.   Or 

Also tickets in person ... 
At  Fruitful Seasons, Pistol Packin gun store, 1927 Spartanburg Hwy, Unit 20, Hendersonville, NC  28792 

At PF Custon Guns, 18 Sunset Drive, Asheville, North Carolina  28806

WE THE PEOPLE ... WE'RE BACK ....  Tees and More!
   Support the 210th National Guard Unit Henderson, Transylvania, Sylva, & Murphy.
 Now through August, 2018 Donations also welcome for shipping costs! Sponsored by WNC Vet Council.  
 Say 'Thank You' To Law Enforcement.  Take a Policeman To Lunch.  Find out how!
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We take no salaries. We are accomplishing all we have set out to do.  Not bad for this Tea Party movement being dismissed, derided, and marginalized by the Left and the establishment RINOs.  Join the fight.  We've much, much  more to do in our state, locally, and in D.C.!