Nullification: States and the Counties Spank The Feds. What NC Legis Should Be Doing!

NC Republicans in the Legislature need to take a close look at what states are doing to stop China Joe and the evil Demonic Rats - Nullification to resist this tyrannical government! 


 States resisting a tyrannical gov.

Article:  Robert Steele: The States (and Counties) Spank the Feds

Alert Reader writes in:    North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma… The resistance is slowly organizing.

Oklahoma Legislature to Institutionalize Nullification – The New American

Two weeks ago, Oklahoma’s Republican governor, Kevin Stitt, issued an executive order to nullify the executive orders of President Joe Biden that Stitt considered both unconstitutional and damaging to the oil and gas industry, so important to Oklahoma’s economy. Now, the Republican-dominated legislature is moving to institutionalize nullification of illegal acts by the federal government.

More than 60 House Republicans in the 101-member Oklahoma House of Representatives are lining up to support a bill that would create a policy by which Oklahoma could block orders from the federal government, declaring those actions unconstitutional, through a majority vote of the state legislature. State Representative Mark McBride (R-Moore) is the author of HB 1236, a bill that challenges dozens of executive orders that Biden has signed in just his first month in office.

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