Patrick McHenry Facts and Stats

Patrick McHenry and the woman with the James Brown hair This RINO who carries the water for RINO House Speaker Paul Ryan, has an abysmal failing conservative score with every conservative group in the country. 
Heritage Action 68%  FreedomWorks 68%  Conservative Review  49%   Numbers USA (immigration)  46%  (These are 2017 scores.)
So why do you continue to vote for him? (See below) 
What you need to know about Patrick McHenry NC10 career politician.   
  •  Roughly $1.8 million cash on hand from donations. 87% coming from outside the state of NC. Donors include, oil, real estate, freight, and even dental companies. His only committee is finance.  Why are so many non-related organizations donating??  

From Open Secrets Money Patrick McHenry Raised

Campaign Contribution for Elections 2006 - 2018

Special Interest $ - Industries:

PAC Contributions 2006 - 2018:

Contributors by Geography from 2006 - 2018 (says it all.  Look in district vs out of district)


Summary reports 2006 - 2018:

FEC Reports 2006 - 2018:

Why does so much come from out of state?? Also notice his totals don't equal the actual reports
Source - FEC

McHenry Spending and Deficit - His votes will add $400 billion to the deficit!  

Source - Heritage

Since his only assignment is Finance Committee, why is/was he virtually silent on budget, taxes, etc. until it’s over?

*  In the last 13 months alone, McHenry has approved legislation that will add over $400 billion to the national debt within 2 years. Heritage stance was “No” on every one of these votes McHenry said :Yes" to.

Heritage Action 68%  FreedomWorks 68%  Conservative Review  49%   Numbers USA (immigration)  46% 

*   McHenry's job is 'Puppet' for leadership as Deputy Whip. His job is to support anything leadership says, regardless of what our district thinks or what is constitutional under Article 2, Section 8.  

*  Career politician, not visible, not personable, not available. In town halls, instead of listening to constituents, he literally “explains” why his way is better and why we are wrong. He does not speak out for our values. Never publicly engages in conversation about conservative values.