Primary Ballot, May 6th

Constitutionally Conservative Cdndidates:  iCaucus Citizen Vetted and Approved and Overwhelmingly Supported by Grassroots Groups Across Their Districts and State

Buncombe County:

Greg Brannon:  US Senate - the only candidate who can beat Kay Hagan in November

Richard Lynch, Congress NC 10th running against RINO Patrick McHenry who has fallen froma 100% rating with coonservative groups to below 69%.  Takes special interest money to compromise to grow government spending and increase the debt.  

Clarence Young, NC Senate 49

Jeanette Doran:  NC Supreme Court


Henderson County

Greg Brannon, US Senate

Jeanette Doran:  US Supreme Court

Sheriff Charles McDonald: Sheriff Henderson County

Andrew Riddle:  Henderson County Commissioner

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