Protect Freedom PAC lies

Linda Humphries

Libertarian PAC endorses/funds Cawthorn Campaign- $360,000.00 (to date) Protect Freedom PAC supports and fights Republicans. They are a Libertarian backed PAC which is left of Right Republicans. They endorse Republicans that are Anti-Trump agenda!!

Trump's agenda includes defunding Planned Parenthood (Pro-Life), military funding and funding the war on drugs. Cawthorn's "Protect Freedom" PAC is Pro- 2nd Amendment, but otherwise, anti-Trump Agenda. Their emphasis is on "individual liberties"...the rights of the mother with no regard for the rights of the unborn,etc.

To date (June 10, 2020) Madison Cawthorn has received over $363,000,00 in support from Libertarian "Protect Freedom PAC" via Advertisements. Candidate Cawthorn and his father continue to stand in front of voters at Early Voting and Meet & Greets and say Young Madison is not supported by any PAC and he is Pro-Life?? "Saying so", does not represent the truth. This is deceitful. Cawthorn is beholden to Pro-Choice Libertarians.

President Trump has endorsed Lynda Bennett. He also endorsed Kay Granger in Texas. Note over $1 million was spent by "Protect Freedom" fighting Granger in Texas...fighting President Trump!

We must be informed voters, for the sake of our district, state and country!

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