Protect My Vote Passed The Senate 4/11/19. Thank Senator Chuck Edwards

From Senator Chuck Edwards.  Email from Bob Heltman

We filed Senate Bill 250 just yesterday, 4/10/2019. I am a co-sponsor.


I thought you would be happy to know that the long awaited S250 Records of
> Excusals for Jury Duty passed the Senate today, 4/11. The voted pretty much followed
> party lines. Some of you may recall that two years ago I co-sponsored this
> action via S60, but it never received a fair hearing.

> Persons selected from the voter rolls to serve on a Jury claiming they are not
> America Citizens and cannot serve Jury Duty. So what are they doing on the
> voter rolls anyhow? And why want the Clerk of Court alert the Board of
> Elections so they may be removed from the voter rolls. Just how many of these
> non Americans are on voter rolls and are nullifying my vote an well as other
> legitimate votes at election times?

> Happens right here in our County and has for years.  Tried a to get the Clerk
> of Court to report the names of the non-citizens persons to the Board of
> Elections so their name can be removed from voter rolls. So simple for County
> Departments to just send each other an email. Why is so dam hard to get this
> action to happen on a County level and protect my VOTE? This is personal and
> the State of North Caroline is not helping either!

Chuck, very good news and thank you for your work on this.  Now it is vital
to have this pass the NC House with a veto proof majority so it can be
signed into law after the expected DemGov veto.  THEN it is important for
each county to have its clerk of courts tell is local Board of Elections who
potential voting ³non-citizens² are so appropriate action can be taken.
Again, thanks!
Bob H

From: Jay
>>> Subject: Think about it!
>>> Date: March 12, 2019 at 9:47:32 PM EDT
  Last year 449,000 Californian's received a jury summons to which the

replied..."I am not a citizen, therefore I cannot sit on a jury."