Red Action News Directions

Tell Us What's Going On In Your Neighborhood! 

ATPAC is going to be publishing the Newsletter for CCNC that will be going out to not only you, but to all who have signed up on the CCNC website.  (Please sign up if you haven't already!)  

Some section of our newsletter will change.  Namely, we want buy in from you and our activist friends across the state!  The first section of the newsletter will include a link to  Action Alerts from various towns, counties, districts across NC.   That's why we need you to tell us what's going on in your neighborhood!

Our Founders knew that they only way for our Republic to endure is for We the People to be educated and to be engaged in the political process. 

You need to own Red Action Alerts!

This is your place to engage in activism to restore our Republic and North Carolina to its Conservative roots.

This is also a place where you can let all of us know of a great accomplishment.  Celebrations give us encouragement and become models for others to follow.

So, what is going on in your town, your county, your neighborhood that your neighbors need to know about and/or need to act upon or celebrate!  

State the problem.  Then state what do you want your neighbors to do about it with specific action, specific date, time, and place.    

For example:  Is the problem

a tax issue?

a new road?

a property infringement?

an annexation?

a sheriff not obeying Fed law?

the ERA rearing its ugly head again?

an infringement on our inalienable rights?

a bill in Raleigh that needs statewide support or opposition?

or other issues impacting an entire town, county, neighborhood?

What do you want your neighbors to do about it? 

Attend a Commissioners meeting (date, time, place)? 

Speak on the issue (talking points/info)?

Attend a rally? (date, time, place, purpose)

Wave signs (make signs/give them examples)?

Send emails?  Make phone calls?  Tweet? To whom?  (include contact info)


Submit your Red Action Alert to Jane Bilello at with your name, email, phone number, town, and county.  Please keep it to 250 words or less.  You can also include links to additional information. (articles/websites, pictures in jpeg)

On the Subject line:  Red Action Alert in (Town, County)

Your Red Action Alerts must fall within the parameters of our Core Values and will be added to the state and DC Swamp Alerts on the website and in the newsletter. 

 Thank you so very much for caring and for joining the largest grassroots army of conservatives in North Carolina!  Together, we will turn our state bright Red!