Richard Lynch, NC10 Candidate, conference period, extended to Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Because the caucus/vote for Richard Lynch, candidate for Congress, NC 10  took place between Thanksgiving and Christmas, iCaucus is extending the caucus/vote period from Monday, January 13th, 2014 to Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 to assure great statewide participation in this Citizen Led Job Interview.  Please participate.  Encourage your friends.  Remember, iCaucus gives We The People the tools to vet candidates and hold them accountable.  Let's take full advantage.
Please send to others you know in NC 10.  We need participation for this to work. Richard Lynch us running for Congress, NC 10 in 2014 against incumbent Congressman Patrick McHenry in the primary. 

Richard Lynch has passed the iCaucus Candidate Qualifying Questionnaire and participated in the iCaucus interview. (Congressman McHenry has not responded to the iCaucus invitation. ) It's now your turn to decide to support or not support this candidate.  You have the opportunity to directly affect the election process by choosing thoroughly vetted, Constitutional candidates.  The interview is in a secure place on the website. 


If you have not registered on the website, do the following:

To register:

  • Go to
  • Type in your email at JOIN button to register.
  • Fill out the form.   Wait for a confirmation email.  Click on the link to verify your email address. Then ...  
  • Click here to access interview:
(You cannot access the secure interview or receive a ballot without registration.  This is a security measure.) If there is more than one person using the same email address and they wish to vote, please contact Jane at 828 692 3117 and/or Dara at 619 931 9368.  We need to verify.
(Please remember: This is a bottom up, grassroots endorsement process.  iCaucus does not endorse.  We The People do.  iC gives us the tools to do this.  Let's no longer allow the establishment to shove the phonies, RINOs, and Progressives down out throats.  Our Founders wanted us involved in the process to choose Statesmen who commit to adherence to Constitutional authority.)
If you are a group leader and have not yet registered your group as an Affiliate Group and are receiving this and you wish to have your members participate in this grassroots effort,  go to and click Affiliate Groups or go here: where you will find information. 
(Please note and reminder: The candidate, campaign staff, or family cannot participate in the vote.)

Thank you. Call me with questions:  Jane Bilello, iCaucus NC State Director  828 692 3117
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