Robin Hayes Should Not Be Reelected as NCGOP Chairman. Here’s Why! (Vote for Jim Womack to change the culture and the way the GOP does business with you!)

Robin Hayes Should Not Be ReElected NCGOP Chairman Here;s Why  Written by the Beaufort Observer Editorial Team.  Excellent reasons that we endorse.  Please, we need good conservatives at the helm.  Hayes IS part of the problem.  The only way we change what's happening is to change who we elect to office.  

And Here's Why You Should Vote for Jim Womack


Beaufort Observer Editorial Team May 24, 2017

Robin Hayes should not be re-elected as NCGOP chairman

The person holding office as a state political party state chairman says a lot about a political party and where that party is headed. Robin Hayes is the wrong person to serve the coming two years as head of the NC Republican Party. Not only does Hayes have a broad liberal streak, but he has failed miserably in some of the key functions as chairman, and has exhibited a distain for the county party organizations and volunteers.

Hayes Record of Failure in the 2016 election

In the 2016 election, Robin Hayes became the first NCGOP chairman since the end of Reconstruction to preside over the loss by the party of both the executive branch and the judicial branch of state government in the same election, and Hayes' fingerprints are on both of those debacles. In most cases the results of elections are mostly determined by the candidates and their campaigns, not party officials, but in these cases, Hayes actions or lack of actions contributed significantly to the defeats.

Republicans lost the Supreme Court when incumbent Justice Bob Edmunds was defeated by a liberal Democrat in a race where party labels were not on the ballot. Lack of those party labels was the main reason for his defeat. That election format was passed by the General Assembly in legislation some months before the election, during Hayes' tenure. Hayes and his team at NCGOP were asleep at the switch and failed to engage with the legislature on this bill. If the party had actively pushed the GOP legislature to change the legislation to put party labels on the Supreme Court ballot like they were on the Court of Appeals ballot, Edmunds would have likely won the race as the GOP won every appellate judicial race which had party affiliation on the ballot. Hayes and his team were guilty of gross political malpractice for not engaging on this legislation.

The loss of the governnorship was more complex and involved a series of missteps by Governor McCrory on issues that led groups of normally Republican voters to abandon him. Hayes' fingerprints are all over one of those missteps, in which Hayes was working for an outside liberal group against the interests of the Republican Party and its governor. Commercial fishermen have trended Republican in voting for decades, while their environmentalist adversaries have trended heavily Democrat. Robin Hayes, using his party chairmanship as access, heavily lobbied Governor McCrory to appoint environmentalists, who want to shut down commercial fishing, to the Marine Fisheries Commission, and got the governor to reject the recommendations of his own staff and replace them with Hayes' environmentalist recommendations. The blowback cost the governor thousands of votes in the east, which probably put the recount out of reach.

Hayes Record of Failure in the 2012 election

Robin Hayes' previous term as chairman fell during the 2012 election cycle and actions or lack of action by Hayes and his team also led to GOP failures in those elections. Both of those involved Council of State races, where Hayes handpicked candidate recruitment team made major blunders regarding the Attorney General and State Auditor races.

Attorney General Roy Cooper was the most vulnerable he had ever been during that cycle due to the SBI scandal, which gave the GOP a huge opportunity. Amazingly, the Hayes team failed to even field a candidate in that race, the first time in more than half a century that the GOP did not run a candidate for Attorney General. Some at the time said it was collusion in deliberately giving Roy Cooper a free pass, but there has never been any proof of that. But, again, it was gross political malpractice by Hayes and his team.

In the State Auditor's race, the preferred candidate of the Hayes team had loads of baggage, both political and personal. When she ended up in a runoff situation with a more electable candidate, the Hayes team called that candidate to Raleigh and heavily pressured him not to call a runoff. The Hayes team got their preferred nominee, and as could have been predicted, the baggage hit the fan a few weeks before the election, destroying any chance of winning that race and damaging other Council of State candidates.

Robin Hayes liberal streak

Robin Hayes ideology was demonstrated by one of his affiliations after he was elected to Congress. The Ripon Society has long been a major liberal organization within the party, and several decades ago was the flagship of the liberal Rockefeller wing of the national Republican party. When Hayes got to Congress, he joined the Ripon Society and was even appointed to its advisory board.

The issue that cost Hayes his seat in Congress was his sellout on NAFTA, which predictably was a major disaster for his district like much of the rural part of the state. Hayes had promised his voters to oppose NAFTA but then let the DC special interests talk him into flip flopping and becoming the deciding vote to pass it instead. The enraged voters of the 8th district kicked him out of Congress as a result of that betrayal.

Particularly in the environmental area, Hayes has a liberal streak, and as in the case with his sandbagging of Governor McCrory for the benefit of his environmentalist friends, Hayes clearly puts their agenda ahead of the good of the GOP and its candidates. Among those Hayes has worked with on his environmental issues have been some really radical environmental groups like the Southern Environmental Law Center. Hayes has even used his title as NCGOP chairman in appearing before at least one meeting advocating the environmentalist position.

While Hayes, as a legislator, was a dependable conservative at least on social issues, that has changed over the years. An example of that was HB2, the bathroom privacy bill. While no Republican Party governing body ever took a position that the GOP should surrender on that issue and agree to a repeal of HB2, Hayes and his team were actively promoting such a surrender.

In the 2016 presidential primaries, Robin Hayes served as NC co-chairman for GOP establishment candidate Marco Rubio, who is best known for his support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Robin Hayes undercutting of GOP elected officials

Hayes' sandbagging of Governor McCrory over the Marine Fisheries appointments is one example of Robin Hayes' willingness to undercut Republican elected officials if it serves some other Hayes purpose. Another example is HB2. State government's top GOP elected official, Lt. Governor Dan Forest was fighting hard to keep the bathroom privacy legislation intact and it was an important political issue for him, yet Hayes worked against Forest's highly public position when Hayes and his team pushed for a surrender on that issue.

Robin Hayes distain for local Republicans

Robin Hayes lack of experience as a party official at the county or district level is reflected in his distain for the party at those levels. He seems to think that Raleigh always knows best.

Hayes' rift with the grassroots was shown by his actions at the 2012 Republican National Convention when he arrogantly tried to force NC delegates to support a rule that would transfer considerable power to the national party apparatus and away from delegates. The delegation was in an uproar over Hayes' tactics.

Another key area has been with county board of election appointments. After the 2012 election, the Hayes team in multiple counties substituted their own names for those submitted by county party organizations to submit for appointment by the State Board of Elections. Hayes and his team did not confer with the counties on these substitutions or the reasons for them, and did not even inform the counties that the substitutions had been made. In some cases, Hayes substitutes were people who had a history of cutting dirty deals with Democrats. The Nash County GOP spearheaded a successful effort at two NCGOP state conventions that amended the party rules to make it more difficult for a state chairman to do in the future what Hayes wantonly did in 2013,

Hayes turning over chairman's functions to others

Robin Hayes has been largely a hands-off chairman who turns over many facets of the functions of the office of chairman to others. In his earlier term, this was generally controversial party vice chairman Wayne King, and in his present term that has been controversial party executive director Dallas Woodhouse. Indeed, Woodhouse has sometimes been identified in the media as the party chairman because he is doing things that it is normal for the party chairman to be doing.

In the 2016 election cycle, the Republican National Committee sent down a team to help with Get Out the Vote and other election matters. Hayes now tries to claim this as an NCGOP effort but it was designed, financed, and run by RNC staffers, not NCGOP staffers.

Not Hayes

In short Robin Hayes has repeatedly demonstrated why he would be a very poor choice for NCGOP chairman for the next two-year term.










When was Hayes elected NC State GOP Chair?
May 24, 2017 | 09:24 AM

I thought he absconded the position from someone else who was elected.


Replies to this comment:

Robin Hayes
May 24, 2017 | 10:26 PM

Robin Hayes was originally elected state GOP chairman at the 2011 convention as the candidate of a secretive group of insiders who had run the party since the days of Bill Cobey's chairmanship (1999). The same group had actually put him in a few months earlier to fill a vacancy when the group's previously installed chairman resigned early to create a situation where their new candidate could be instslled early to run for reelection as an incumbent. He served until 2013, when Governor McCrory kicked that group aside and insisted on his own designee, Claude Pope, being chairman. Pope served 2013-2015, and then a grassroots conservative beat the governor's new candidate at the 2015 convention. A new establishment group, which contained a few members of the old one, then pulled off the party coup that overthrew that grassroots chairman in the middle of his term and installed Hayes. Hayes is now running for a full term and is being opposed by Lee County GOP chairman Jim Womack, who has the backing of the grassroots and conservatives.

R. Semmes

Lots of truth
May 24, 2017 | 10:11 AM

Much truth contained in this work. Hayes should withdraw.

Todd Bennett

21st Century Campainging - Protect the Candidate
May 24, 2017 | 10:36 AM

The article is dead on correct and represents the sentiments and truth we all know or have personally experienced as NC activists and poll greeters. I have been blessed many times for listening to an interview Nicole Revels did about the commercial fisherman of NC a few years back. It brought wisdom and knowledge as I actively campaigned for Conservative NC Candidates since. And today we read the lack of common sense leadership NC never had during Robin Hayes political career. 

Visit to read position papers and hear Jim's videos speak to his vision and leadership he will represent to ALL of NC as their next NC Republican Chairman. An important message Jim shares our #Voice will return to the base; Jim Womack will be representing the Republicans in our State of NC, not special interest. You and I will soon meet them at their door and be joyous in our good news! #ReviveTheParty #BackWomack #WeThePeople

Sue Butcher

The GOP should have taken out Cooper in 2012
May 24, 2017 | 02:46 PM

Republicans had the chance to take down Roy Cooper as AG when he was tainted by that SBI scandal in the 2012 election, and if we had, we would not have this radical as our governor today. We can thank Robin Hayes for the failure to take advantage of that opportunity, whether by willful collusion or by monumental incompetence.

I don't know how serious an effort the Hayes group made to recruit a candidate for AG during the filing period, but the oddest thing at the time was that the GOP never filed even a place holder candidate for Attorney General. If they were seriously interested in opposing Cooper, they could and should have filed a place holder for AG who would withdraw and let the state executive committee name a nominee later. The fact that was not done tends to show that Hayes and his crew were not really interested in running anyone against Cooper.

Jesse Helms Republican


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