Senate Rejects Trump’s Plan To Claw Back $15 Billion. Meadows and Ryan Go At It on the House Floor over Immigration Bills

Bad news on this one ... 
On Wednesday, The Senate Rejected Trump's plan to claw back spending by nearly $15 billion (H.R.3), the rescission bill.  Sen. Mike Lee had reportedly gathered the 20 signatures needed to force a floor vote to discharge the bill from the Appropriations Committee. 

Senator Tillis (202) 224 6342 voted YES.  Senator Burr (202) 224 3154 voted NO.   As a reminder, only a simple majority in the Senate was needed to pass the rescission bill.   The vote on the measure, which already passed the House, was held open for 90 minutes while GOP leaders worked to persuade all their members to back it.

" ... A procedural vote on the rescission package failed on 48-50 vote, an embarrassing defeat for Senate GOP leaders and the Trump administration. ..." 
If you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.  President Reagan.  
Please call Senator Tillis' office (202) 224 6342 and thank him for his Yes' vote on the rescission bill.  If you cannot get hold of this RINO, leave a comment on his website here  
Then, please call Senator Burr's office(s).  He needs to know that his vote is not just another slap in the face for his constituents, but to every American taxpayer.  The rescission bill would have cut the wasteful $15 billion spending in the Omnibus Bill. 
And, please.  Next time we give you a conservative alternatives to these Swamp Rats, please vote for them.  Help to get them elected so we drain this sewer.  
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Don't forget ...  Vote on  Amnesty today, Thursday, 6/21.
Call Mark and say 'Thank YOU'  for #Keeping Your Promises.  202 225 6401
@SpeakerRyan needs to #VacateTheChair immediately.  We've had it with his lies, deceit, duplicity, and undermining the will of the American people and President Trump.   Remember the Young Guns? We've gotten rid of Bone Head Boehner and Eric Cantor with a great Conservative. Send Paul Ryan packing.  Oppose Kevin McCarthy as the next speaker.  Support @Jim_Jordan for speaker. 
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