Senator Ted Cruz Joins The Long List of Conservative Warriors Who Endorse Lynda Bennett for NC11 Congress

Senator Ted Cruz Joins The Long List of Conservative Warriors

Who Endorse Lynda Bennett

for North Carolina's 11th Congressional District

Another incredible endorsement for Lynda Bennett from Senator Ted Cruz. Lynda already has a built in net work with the conservative Trump warriors. Ted Cruz is the latest in a long line.
Lynda is our only choice with her 34+ years of business experience balancing budgets, making payroll and training the next generation of entrepreneurs. She is the only one who can stand up to Democrat Socialist Mo Davis in November.
Lynda has been battle tested. She stood up to 11 men and 10 forums who attacked her because she was the front runner in the March 3rd primary and she was still the top vote-getter. She was the target of a $750,000 vicious false liberal attack ad campaign from an out of state Super PAC and still beat all of her opponents with the most votes.
Why do you think the liberals don't want her in the November race? They know she is the candidate to fear. Her opponent will be easy to defeat. Her credentials and support are impeccable. NC11 deserves only the best representation. Vote Lynda Bennett on June 23rd.
It is now, more than ever, that we need to send reinforcements to Washington to fight along side President Trump to rebuild our nation and North Carolina.
There is only one candidate that has the credentials and the already built support to do just that.
Please vote for Lynda Bennett on June 23rd.
In case you missed it ...
Listen to , Breitbart's national news radio interview and news article the Buncombe County Bennett/Cawthorn Forum on May 21st, and Lynda's weekly growing list of stellar conservative endorsements which now includes Senator Ted Cruz Please "like" and 'Share' the link.
Visit Lynda For Congress on Facebook, on Twitter,@LyndaBennettNC, and Instagram . Please 'Like' and 'Share' the endorsement video with friends.
Check with your local county Board of Elections for polling locations. There will be one-stop early voting from June 4th to June 20th. Election day is June 23rd when all polling locations will be open. You can also request an absentee ballot.
See ATPAC link here for BOE info in each county.
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