Sheriff McDonald Volunteer Appreciation May 8th, 2018 at the Chariot

What:  Volunteer Appreciation from Sheriff Charles McDonald and his wife, Jennie

When:  Tuesday, May 8th from 7PM to 10PM                     (when the polls close)

Where:  The Chariot Restaurant, 715 Church Street, Hendersoniville.  

                                    You’re Invited!

Please join Charlie and me as we celebrate the end of this campaign, and our amazing volunteers and supporters.  We are so proud of the kind of campaign that has been run.  We are truly blessed to have the caliber of people who surround us with love and support!  We would love to share this evening with all of you.   

I can't pass up the opportunity to remind you that early voting continues through Saturday, May 5 and election day is May 8.  If you have not already voted, please make sure you do.  This primary election WILL determine who serves this county as your sheriff for the next four years.  The importance of that choice can not be overstated.  I pray daily for this county and the men and women of the sheriff's office that the man I know first hand has given everything he has for the last six years to this county, will be re-elected to serve four more.  Although spending all of our time together, traveling and enjoying each other is a beautiful thing to imagine, I know that what is best for this county, including our children and grandchildren, is for him to continue to serve.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jennie McDonald