Join many great Americans in calling for Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Time for Ryan to Go!


Going to a barbecue, parade, visiting friends and family this Fourth of July?  
What could be better than asking folks to support a patriot who will put forth the Trump Agenda - your 2016 election mandates.  Join many great Americans in calling for Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Print the letter to draft Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House and ask folks to sign it.  Save your sheets and contact 828 692 3117 with your numbers.  
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"Americans uniting to: Drain the Swamp, Draft Jim Jordan for Speaker & Make America Great Again!"
We need courageous leadership in Congress to return us to fiscal responsibility & strong #NationalSecurity. Jim Jordan protects the interests of #American families.  SIGN OPEN LETTER TO JIM JORDAN: 
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Paul Ryan has been bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Round Table and the Koch Brothers, to name a few. Ryan has failed at every turn to deliver on President Trump's - and your - mandates of the 2016 election.  Ryan needs to step down now and not after the midterm elections.  Why?  See here and here and here for starters.
We need leadership in the House that strives to restore the principles upon which our Republic was founded. #MAGA Make America Great Again by helping us to put pressure on those Repugnicans who vote with the Dimms to thwart our President and the will of the American people.  
Steve Scalise and Kevin McCarthy are part of the Ryan machine and the #swamp.  They vote in lock step with Ryan against the Trump agenda.  They are  NOT viable candidates.  
Please sign the letter here and share it with friends.  You can also go to @AshevilleTeaPty and retweet to friends.  
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