Sign the Petition To Support Mark Meadows Resolution for Boehner To Vacate The Chair. Find Out What Else You Can Do

Congress Mark Meadows (R-NC11) Resolution to vacate the chair is resonating nationally, not just here in NC.  In less than 12 hours of going live, the FreedomWorks petition already has more than 25,000 signatures in nation wide support!  NC11 is NOT alone!

John Boehner’s actions have made clear that he is going to continue to marginalize conservative members, and by extension conservative voters, on issues that are important to the country. Boehner has recently punished house members for their conservative positions. He has created a corrupt culture in Congress by bowing to K Street lobbyists and the Obama regime. He has delivered Obama’s agenda.  WE gave them the House and the Senate and nothing has changed. 

House conservatives are the foundation of the current Republican majority in the House.  These conservatives have to fight to maintain their relevancy in the face of the Speaker’s hostility. Boehner wants 435 votes for his district.  That is not what our Founders gave us - a Republic. 

 The House is in recess for the next 5 weeks.  That means YOUR Congressman Is in your neighborhood.  Find them.  See below for action to take.


What can NC 11 and districts across the 

1-    Send a message loud and clear to Congress. Sign the FreedomWorks Petition  that has gotten more than 25,000 signatures nationally in less than 12 hours since it went live. 

 2-    Call the Rules Committee Members. Mark’s Resolution is in the House Rules Committee. Make sure they know the will of WE THE PEOPLE. Contact info for Rules Committee here (FYI:  After the House comes back in session, Rep. Meadows can bring the motion back up for consideration as a privileged motion, and the House would have to vote on it.  We need to make sure they vote YES.) 

3-    Contact friends in NC10 and tell them to get after Patrick McHenry to support Mark’s Resolution.

McHenry’s contact info here .  Go to town halls, call, email, light up the phone lines.  He has a FAILING conservative record.   Find a candidate to run against him. 

4-    WE need to reach out to other activists in districts in NC and nationally to get this message out.

Contact your Congressman: Call, visit, attend town halls, email, Tweet, message on Facebook and demand your Congressman support Mark Meadows' Resolution to vacate the chair. NO is not an option.  Contact info for Congressmen here:

Support candidates like Patti Curran running against NC RINO and House Rules Committee member Virginia Foxx

Patti Curran video:  Say Thank You To Walter Jones (R-NC) for standing with Mark. Contact number:  202 225 3415. Article:


5-    Contact the House Freedom Caucus Members and tell them to Support Mark Meadows to  ‘Vacate the Chair’ Resolution. .  The time is now to act.  We are losing our Republic and they need to stand with Mark and stand up. 


6-    Use the hashtag #FireBoehner on Twitter and FaceBook when you message.


7-    Please financially Support Congressman Meadows Campaign ( the RINOGOP/RNC aren't) 

The Senate Conservative Fund is raising money for Mark since the GOP/RNC is not.  Do not be surprised to find a GOP plant running against Mark in the primary.  WE need to put an end to that.  Please support Mark's campaign is what our Founders envisioned in a representative - not bought and paid for by K Street special interests or a lap dog for a Socialist president..  WE are his supporters.  Please contribute


8-    Other than NC11, the rest of the 434 districts need to be targeted.  FreedomWorks has been an invaluable partner. I also messaged Sentinels on Heritage Action for America.  YOU need to talk to friends and neighbors in other districts to contact their Congressman and light up the phones, ask for a meeting, email and message them. Be emphatic that we are losing our Republic and he/she needs to support Mark’s efforts to restore representation to the People’s House by supporting  Congressman Mark Meadows Resolution to vacate the chair .  


9-    This is what  Asheville TEA PAC is doing to help Mark.


Among other things …

We are having our 3rd  Machine Gun Social, Sat Sept 5th  to raise money for candidates.  It’s  Apple Festival weekend. This is another great event to attend.  ATPAC is both a state and FED PAC.  Mark is a priority.  The RNC has announced they will give him nothing.  AND, they are supposed to run a candidate against him.  Fat chance of that taking off!  Not on our watch!  So we need to support him.

Pizza lunch and drinks included.  See here  and here

10- J.D. Winteregg is running against Boehner again.  We need to support him to make sure he wins this time.