Sign Up to Help at Early Voting In Hendersonville

We need to keep Henderson County with the lowest crime rate in NC since our Sheriff took office in 2012.  That is no accident.  It's taken Sheriff McDonald's hard work, diligence, leadership, and trustworthiness to accomplish.  We must reelect him. 
 I cannot stress how important it is we are at the polls for early voting and  on May 8th. (There are two early voting locations:  Board of Elections off Spartanburg Hwy in HVL and Fletcher Town Hall on Old Cane Creek Rd in Fletcher.) May 8th, at your precinct.
Call Jane at 209 986 3845 or email me at and I will email you a sign up schedule for early voting and May 8th. Please include your cell phone. If I don't answer right away,  please leave a message and I'll call you back..  
Folks like the ballots and the rack card info.   
The person before you will have ballots and rack cards.  However, you can pick them up at Sheriff Hdqtrs, 822 Locust Street. (In a box on the side of the desk at hdqtrs.) M-F:  10AM -2PM.  4PM - 6PM.  Sat:  10AM - 2PM.  If you are the last person with the material at 6PM, please return the materials to hdqtrs so we can use it or hang on to it for your other time slot.  
  Thanks again.  You guys seriously rock.  Emoji
More info below on our sheriff and early voting material. 
Thank you so much for volunteering for early voting.  Before you get to your polling place, please stop by Sheriff McDonald Campaign headquarters and pick up rack cards and the yellow ballots.  They are in the first draw on the right in the desk.  Rack cards are also in the draw and in a box next to the desk. 
If you do not have a shirt, please get one at headquarters.  They are in boxes through the double doors. 
Questions:  Call Jane at 209 986 3845.  Put me in your address book.  Please make sure you leave your name and number if I don't pick up right away.  Thanks.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR CELL PHONE ON so we can stay in touch.  
Please bring - 
a chair
something to eat and drink
layered clothing (who knows how hot or cold it will be!)
Please sit/stand 50 feet away from the entrance to the polling location.  This will be marked off with tape or a cone.  Please respect the barrier because folks will complain.  
When your time is up, please pass your campaign material to the next person.  If no one is there to take your place, please return your materials to headquarters so we can use it for someone else.  (Please call Jane or email me and I will send you the schedule.)  We also need help on May 8th, Primary Day..  If you can give us some time, please contact jane 209 986 3845.  
Most of the time, you will not get a lot of time to engage a voter.  They're generally in a hurry.
 Also, please don't get into arguments with the other side.  They're impossible. Tell them to have a nice day and move on to the next person.  They will hang themselves with their attitude.  
Give those who accept,  a rack card and yellow/green ballot. 
Important info about our Sheriff: 
 Sheriff Charles McDonald,  A Proven Sheriff whose experience and leadership have made Henderson County's crime rate the lowest of any county in NC with a population over 100,000 from 2012 to 2017 by decreasing serious crime by 35%.  
 (See below for more info should they want to engage.)   

·        2012 to 2017, Henderson County had the lowest overall index crime rate of any county with a population over 100,000 persons

·        In 2015 we were second only to Brunswick county!

·        A leader in increasing safety in our schools; arrests made before the threat became reality

·        Henderson county has seen an overall decrease of 35% in murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, break & entering crimes under Sheriff McDonald’s leadership.

·        Breaking and entering decreased by 41%

·        Add larceny and the reduction is 42%.

·        Property crime has seen a reduction of 39.48% which is significantly higher than the national average of 14.55%

·        Seized Over $4.3 million worth of drugs.  This includes 65 firearms and 245 drug conspirators, traffickers, dealers & users arrested & prosecuted in both the state & federal court system.

Sheriff McDonald was able to do this because he Created the Office of Professional Standards in 2012 to oversee the standardization of the human resource function in the agency.   Also, see website for additional info. 

Sheriff McDonald Headquarters
822 Locust Street
Hendersonville, NC