Statement from ATPAC regarding Congressional and State candidates who are unwilling to step up to Independence Caucus Vetting Process, a Citizen Led Job Interview.

Many politicians don’t want to be pinned down because ‘something’ they say may be used against them. As candidates or elected public servants, they are obligated to defend their positions. Their positions should not be moving targets. Representatives work for We The People. Not the other way around. They owe their constituents explanations and justifications. They owe US assurance that they will not sell US out to big money/special interest groups to fill their campaign coffers. Will they scrutinize legislation under a Constitutional prism? Will they protect our liberties or regulate them away in thousand page bills that will jeopardize our property rights, and grow government to the detriment of the private sector by support of crony capitalism? Will they stand fast as the 22 representatives who voted ‘no’ on the debt ceiling or cave to business as usual ‘party’ pressure?

Let there be no doubt. ATPAC will absolutely continue to use Independence Caucus vetting process. IC is dedicated to bringing the People back into the election process. IC focuses on finding principled candidates, vetting, endorsing, and campaigning to get them elected. The endorsement process is a Citizen Led Job Interview. IC as ATPAC, are dedicated to finding those candidates who will be accountable to us and who will commit to fiscal responsibility through adherence to Constitutional authority. IC is not a third party organization.

IC process engages We The People in the defeat of the special interest groups that fund the perpetual re-election of Congressional incumbents from both parties who have stopped listening to us!

We are done with both Republicans and Democrats bought and paid for by the RNC., NRCC, the DNC, special interests groups and individuals who buy favors. The IC process is a Citizen Led Job Interview whose goal is the triumph of integrity over big money. We will proudly limit ourselves to those individuals who will stand by what they commit to on paper and say in the Independence Caucus interview. And yes, we will hold them accountable after they are elected. So, believing that IC is unnecessary, to us, is a refusal to see the worth of the IC process or the worthiness of citizen participation in choosing a liberty candidate. Candidates have that choice. It is not ours.

Candidates do not have to step up. That’s perfectly fine. However, they make it clear that they do not want to participate and they obviously don’t want our help. We will support candidates who walk unafraid of their words and their commitments to us to defend and champion our principles: individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

Our nation is in great peril. Prior to the debacle the tea party folks saw coming with the debt ceiling, we thought we had until 2012 to get more liberty candidates elected to right the ship. We are not sure anymore. This nation is headed for disaster because its citizenry has been asleep far too long. It is for this reason that there is a new movement afoot that will not tolerate business as usual. It’s business as usual and compromising Conservative principles that got us here. We’re done with that. New day. New game in town. Don’t much care who likes it or not. The Tea Party Movement is here and absolutely committed to the cause. Independence Caucus is the tool we will use to better assure that we support candidates who support liberty. We move onward and further that cause with statesmen, not politicians.

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