Tea Party Protesters Picket Karl Rove at Tillis Fundraiser

Karl Rove declared war on the tea party back in February.  He has formed a superpac to defeat tea party candidates.  One of our Affiliate Groups got the chance to picket Rove's fundraiser for RINO Tillis, bought a paid for by the establishment Republican party.  Read article and responses here including from us.  Please feel free to comment.  Thanks. 

See article on Carolina Plothound and response: http://www.hispanicbusiness.com/redirect/welcome.asp

iCaucus and ATPAC response: 

This information is up on the iCaucus NC state page and on FB and
Twitter. Please be armed with information when you attend meetings and
you are confronted with this misinformation.

Also, be aware that Robin Hayes, former GOP Chair,
is his campaign manager. This is nothing more than a maneuver to peel
away votes from iCaucus endorsed Dr. Greg Brannon, the only candidate who will,
Like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, stand up for our Constitution and We The People



Carl Rove (formed a superpac for the purpose of defeating tea
party candidates) is backing Tillis and fundraising for him http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/11/07/3348697/karl-rove-to-appear-at-three-tillis.html#wgt=about_this.
We do not want another Richard Burr, status quo, compromiser with the
Left. Rove is at war with the principles that made our nation great. Tillis and Rove are the reason for the tea party movement.  

November 13, 2013: State
Rep. Robert Brawley (R-Iredell) made headlines back in May thanks to a confrontation with Speaker
Thom Tillis. That confrontation resulted in Brawley losing his
committee chairmanship. (It’s unclear — as of this writing — as to
whether Brawley resigned willfully or was forced out of the position by

One of Brawley’s complaints against Tillis was
that leadership pushed a bill through the House giving a monopoly to the family
business of a certain Republican legislator. That legislator turned out to be
Rep. Justin Burr who has family in the bail bonds business. (According to
Thom Tillis’ Senate campaign web site, Burr is part of the Tillis
campaign team.)

Well, The North Carolina
Court of Appeals has sounded off on the whole issue of whether the
state legislature granted a monopoly in this matter:

A North Carolina appeals
court says a state law created an unconstitutional monopoly by allowing only
one trade group to train bail bond agents.

The unanimous ruling Tuesday by
a state Court of Appeals panel supports a Wake County judge, who last year
blocked the law from being carried out. The North Carolina Bail Agents
Association and a new rival called the North Carolina Bail Academy had been
competing to provide the required training until legislators passed the law
recognizing only the association.

Republican Rep. Robert
Brawley of Iredell County this year criticized the law, saying it benefited the
family of state Rep. Justin Burr. The Stanly County Republican is a bail
bondsman whose father is president of the nonprofit association. Justin Burr
excused himself from voting on the law.

Tillis walks out on party
faithful over tolls: http://wideni77.org/2013/06/09/tillis-walks-out-on-party-faithful-over-tolls/
Bill Flynn

Bill Flynn says he's running for Senate. He has no FEC
report filing for US Senate. He has one for US House 6. Why has he filed under US House and not Senate? He
can collect donations and then use them to run against Phil Berger in NC 6
House race. He also has a website problem. Don't know how he's going to explain
this to the FEC or NCSBOE: http://www.billflynnforcongress.com/ 
It's a website address for congress not senate. He needs to explain this.

Dr Greg Brannon is our ONLY viable choice for NC Senate. www.gregbrannon.com. Please check him out. Dr Greg Brannon,
iCaucus endorsed, Sen Rand Paul and Ann Coulter. He is leading and
beating Kay Hagan. http://www.gregbrannon.net/newsinterview.aspx?pid=1116

Senator Rand Paul Endorses Greg Brannon https://ashevilleteapac.org/?p=1872

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