Tea Time Tonight, 10/25/2018, 6PM at Mills River Restaurant. Guest Speaker: Jay Delancy, CEO Voter Integrity Project

 Tea Time Tonight, Thursday, 10/25/2018 at Mills River Restaurant, 4467 Boylston Hwy,   
Special Agenda:  Reports and Picts
  • FreedomWorks DC trips:  Jim Jordan for Speaker and the Kavanaugh Vote 
  • Gun Show 
  • We Read The Constitution Event 
  • Presentation of the Signed Constitution to Mark Meadows and Heritage Foundation's Solutions 2018 from Heritage Action for America at HCRWC luncheon
  • Also, intro to our next project after the election:  mining of student data in our schools by progressive organizations has to stop
  • County and state numbers of voters thus far for early voting 
  • Voter fraud at early voting.  The Saga.  Jay Delancy, CEO Voter Integrity Project
In case you missed it:  Special Voter Info Newsletter
All hands on deck!
It's not too late to help by volunteering to man the polls.  
The only way we lose this Republic is if you stay home  Grab 4 friends and Go Vote!  


Judges and the Six Amendments, including Voter ID MUST be passed in November!  Get out and vote and bring friends!  
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