Ted Cruz Update on Campaign 1/5/2016

As one of my best supporters I wanted to touch base now that 2016 is officially in full swing! I hope your year is off to as fast a start as ours -- just yesterday we launched a bus tour that will take us across Iowa stopping in 28 counties over 6 days. 

 We are working hard for every vote and taking nothing for granted!

 As an update, the below excerpt from my campaign manager highlights what we've accomplished together so far, since our launch at Liberty University on March 23rd.

 Financial strength: 

  • We concluded 2015 raising almost $47 million.

  • We received over 690,000 donations with an average donation of just over $67.

  • These donors cover 66% of all zip codes in the United States.

  • Over 10,000 of our donors are "sustainers" who committed to contribute on an automatic, monthly basis, and provide enough recurring revenue ($500,000 a month) to fund for our entire field operation. 

An unrivaled political organization:

Emphasizing our commitment to running a national campaign, we have announced State Leadership Teams, 1,400 strong in membership, in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, and Washington. We’ve also announced State Chairs in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Idaho, and California.

In the first four primary and caucus states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, we’ve built a team that is the envy of the GOP field with county chairmen in place in all 171 counties. And after the first four states, we have congressional district coordinators in place in each of the 163 congressional districts that comprise the 24 states that hold their primary or caucus before March 15th. We are also actively recruiting precinct chairmen to serve in each of these states to mobilize supporters as it comes time to vote or caucus.

Additionally, our leadership teams have access to over 175,000 volunteers across the nation who have signed up to help make Ted Cruz our next president. Many of those volunteers have already joined our Strike Force at Camp Cruz where we are housing our volunteers in Iowa.  They are working 12 hour shifts and exceeding their nightly call and door-knocking goals. Camp Cruz has been such a great success we’re opening a second dorm to expand our Strike Force in Iowa, and we will be taking the Strike Force to New Hampshire.

We’re also recruiting members of diverse coalitions to support Ted. To date, over 29,000 Americans from all walks of life have signed up to join our Veterans and Military, Millennials, Teens, Liberty Leaders, African Americans, Small Business, Faith Leaders, Pro-Life, Women, Hispanic, Home Schoolers, Lawyers, Second Amendment, Tea Party, Sportsmen, and Farmers coalitions.

Coalescing Courageous Conservatives:

 Recently, Brent Bozell wrote in Breitbart to say, "Ted Cruz is surging. He’s on top in Iowa. He’s gaining ground everywhere else. He has organizations in place in every state that matters... It’s time for the movement to rally around Ted Cruz, to make him the next president of the United States."

And that's exactly what we're seeing happen. We have seen conservative leaders both nationally, and in early primary and caucus states go all in for Ted. Leaders like Brent Bozell, Shane Vander Haart, Manny Roman, Ken Cuccinelli, Dr. James Dobson, the National Organization for Marriage, Bob Vander Plaats, Alan Steinberg, Richard Viguerie, Andrew McCarthy, Ann-Marie Murrell, Troy Newman, Ginni Thomas, Rep. Steve King, Dr. Michael Brown, Judge Paul Pressler, former Rep. Bob Barr, Gun Owners of America, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, Ron Robinson, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, and so many more.

As influential Iowa radio host Steve Deace said in his endorsement video "I think [Ted Cruz] is our best chance to preserve American exceptionalism for the next generation... do not wait until the end. Ted Cruz has already put together the resources, the resume and the organization it takes to move the country back to liberty. Let’s get on board now, let’s unite now so that we can take on Washington, D.C. tomorrow."

What the press is saying about our campaign:

Cruz has Trump, and the rest of the field, beat on organization. - Politico

 Ted Cruz has assembled an impressive presidential campaign structure in Iowa, veteran political observers here say, with one going so far as to describe Cruz’s campaign as perhaps "the most sophisticated" the first-in-the-nation caucus state has ever witnessed. – Cedar Rapids Gazette

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is making a big bet on building a strong organization outside of the four early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. – Nashville Public Radio

Cruz is widely regarded as the most deeply organized candidate in the South, a region that will have outsize influence in 2016, as many of the states vote on the same day. - Politico

The Cruz campaign combines a traditional get-out-the-vote operation — making phone calls and knocking on doors — with modern data analytics to identify and mobilize supporters, beginning with Iowa on Feb. 1. – Associated Press

The anti-establishment angst that Cruz stokes may have left him isolated in the Senate, but it has also fueled his campaign on the road, where he has cultivated an almost cult-like base that views him as a lone wolf with the courage to stand up to Republican Party leaders they believe are no longer fighting for them. - Bloomberg

The bottom line is that all of our success to this point would not be possible without your support - financial and otherwise. Heidi and I are so grateful to you for standing with us like you have over the past year. 

 Over the next month, I am prepared to fight the all-out political assaults from my rivals, stand up to the personal attacks from the media, all the while providing a positive vision for America that will unite our great country.

I truly appreciate all you do to help the cause, onward to victory!

 For Liberty,

Ted Cruz

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