Thank You for Re-Instating Voter ID on Absentee Ballots by Nixing the Floyd Amendment from SB 683

August 18, 2019

Rep David Lewis

Chair Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House


Dear Representative David Lewis: 

Thank you for eliminating the Floyd Amendment in SB 683, the Proposed House Committee Substitute, short title: Combat Absentee Voter Fraud.  We were very pleased and relieved to see that absentee voter identification on absentee ballots was being treated as important as the voter identification for in-person voting.

We encourage you and the Rules Committee to please retain lines 14 to 31 on page 6, the Floyd fix, and to retain lines 24 to 26 on page 7, that maintains the privacy of the voter’s party affiliation on the container-return envelope. We also suggest that you add a similar safeguard on the envelopes of provisional ballots.

We were pleased to see that the sentencing guidelines for most types of voter fraud are now higher level felonies.  However, we’re concerned that other related crimes by the organizer and the one who compensates another, or who accepts compensation, based on the number of returned written requests for absentee ballots is only guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. (lines 9 to 11, page 8)

However, we realize that the Rules Committee will be reviewing this bill as early as Monday, August 12, 2019.  It will hopefully proceed to the House floor for a vote before proceeding to a conference committee with the Senate.

We will be closely monitoring SB 683’s progress, changes, if any, and we will be encouraging North Carolinians to thank you for fixing Floydwhile encouraging the Senate to accept the House version with the Floyd fix. 

Thank you again.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  We only wish to give the NC House the best possible chance of gaining back seats lost, re-electing President Trump, electing a Republican Governor, and especially, getting our constitutional conservative judges elected.  The Left has and will continue to cheat by manipulating our election laws, so don’t give them an inch!  You are the keepers at the gate.  We are the watchmen on the wall and we will stand with you. 

Many of us are looking forward to voting with confidence that our election won’t be stolen by fraud. 

Cc:  NC House Representatives, NCGOP Executive Committee

Bcc:  GOP Chairs & Vice Chairs

Thank you.  — 
Board of Directors
Conservative Coalition of North
Jane Bilello  209 986

Jordan Bowman jbowman@weareccnc.orgSue

Jim Womack