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Congressional Candidate Dr. Dan Eichenbaum Bonds a Limited Term in Office
Challenges Congressman Heath Shuler for North Carolina District 11 Seat in 2012
Pinehurst, N.C. – September 8th, 2011 —
to announce that Congressional candidate Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, who is challenging three-term
Congressman Heath Schuler in 2012, has executed a bonded term limit pledge. He is the first
candidate in the United States to do so for the 2012 election season.

A U.S. Navy veteran and practicing physician from Murphy, N.C., Dr. Eichenbaum is committed
to limiting his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives to a maximum of six (6) years. And to
secure this promise, he has personally and legally obligated himself in the
amount of $500,000 . Should Dr. Eichenbaum break his promise of limited
Congressional tenure, the beneficiary of his bond will be the Moore County
Sentinels of Freedom, a non-profit charity dedicated to assisting
servicemen and women who have sustained brain trauma in combat.

Dr. Eichenbaum advocates limited government, self-determination, a freemarket
economy, a balanced budget, and the right to keep and bear arms.
He believes that personal self-interest over country and the desire for long
tenure in elected office is the root cause of the irrational legislative
outcomes to which we are continuously subjected. His Bonded Term Limit pledge financially
underwrites the credibility of his agenda and his belief that citizen legislators should serve
honorably and effectively in the best interest of America, then return home to live in their
communities under the laws they helped enact.

Dr. Dan graduated from the Yale School of Medicine, Cum Laude, then served as a commissioned
Naval officer during the Vietnam era. He is a 35-year practicing physician and successful small
business owner. Dr. Dan has authored 14 peer-reviewed articles, lectured internationally in the
field of ophthalmology, and holds six US patents. Dr. Dan and his wife, Rhonda, live on their
farm in Murphy where they raised their two college-age children.

The Alliance for Bonded Term Limits is a non-partisan, non-profit, grassroots organization based
in Pinehurst, N.C. ABTL is dedicated to the education of the voting public on the societal benefits
derived from limited tenure in office by both Federal and State elected representatives.

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