The NCGOP Convention Debacle

Debacle Doesn't Even Begin To Describe The NCGOP Sham Convention. 

 The relationship between the grassroots and the NCGOP (as with the RNC) can be compared to the battered wife syndrome.  Time and time again, wife gets beaten (black eyes, bloodied nose, broken jaw and ribs)  What does wife do? Bail abuser out of jail, kiss and make up, only to have the horrible scene repeated a few days later.  Since 2009 when the grassroots movement came into being because of the failures of the GOP, this  scene has been repeated as it was over the wasted weekend.  

It took 11 hours to cast three votes!! 

 #ncgop-con: Eleven hours, THREE VOTES. (WTF?) Brody, Triumphant. (Chu? Robbed.) Bags on heads.

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IMG_2567Let’s see.  It appears the NCGOPe — now allegedly a super-efficient, finely-tuned machine since Hasan Harnett is out and Dallas Woodhouse’s grandpa is in charge — took ELEVEN HOURS to hold THREE votes.  THREE. Count ’em.  (Even Jones Street can do better than that.  And they said HASAN CAN’T RUN A MEETING???)

What were the three votes, you ask?  One was a voice vote on a back-room, machine-approved slate of delegates to the national convention in Cleveland.  One was for 663national committeeman.  (State Rep. Mark Brody handily defeated David Lewis surrogate Greg Gebhardt.)  The third?  

The third was a highly dubious vote for committeewoman.  Everyone was thrown for a loop when Ada Fisher nominated herself for reelection from the floor.  EVERYONE had expected Fisher to drop out in favor of the treacherous Zan Bunn —sidekick to the even more treacherous Ma Cotten.  

A paper ballot vote was held for the committeeman race.  But, for some reason, they decided to do a standing vote (stand if you are in favor) for the committeewoman position.  (At least they didn’t make people mark paper ballots IN PENCIL, like they did in the questionable Hasan ouster meeting last weekend.)

Miriam Chu — president of Moore Tea Citizens — offered up a spirited challenge to Fisher.  In the end, Fisher edged her out by THREE VOTES.  (Of course, calls for a recount were denied.) sellout

Interestingly, THREE members of the Moore County delegation — Harold Mendelson, Bob Tweed, and Lorraine Tweed — refused to stand in support of Chu.  You wonder what could make some people so bitter and petty as to sabotage an opportunity for an RNC committeewoman from your own county.

 It was also interesting to see few if any votes for Chu from the Randolph County delegation.  Sources tell me members of the Randolph Tea Party were withholding votes from Chu as part of a grudge they held against Moore Tea Citizens when Dee Park was president.  (Park has little to nothing to do with MTC anymore.) 

68647ca62d969ebed7328670341b71e7Well, Fisher — who has been a loyal servant for the NCGOPe AND the GOPe during her time on the RNC — got rewarded for her past treachery.  In the 2012 election cycle, she was caught on numerous occasions acting on behalf of the GOPe and  against the directives and wishes of state party leaders.

We should celebrate the elevation of Brody.  All indications are that he will be a principled conservative voice at the RNC.  The NCGOPe got somewhat of a firewall — by a margin of 3 votes — with the reelection of Fisher.

The Hasan Harnett ordeal and this committeewoman race have helped identify TWO conservative stars to rally behind in the NCGOP — Lee County’s the-exorcist-1973--05Jim Womack and Moore County’s Miriam Chu.  Hopefully, both of them will keep holding their heads high and stay in the fight. 

Party Unity?   Here’s some video evidence of that party unity Becki Gray was chirping about on NC Spin. 


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