The need for Tea Parties did not cease to exist on Nov. 6th

Those of us that do not believe in socialism must keep working to put this country on the path that our founders wanted when they wrote the constitution. To do this we must find workers, not just members, for our groups (Tea Party, 9-12, Liberty, Leadership of GOP, etc.) keep writing LTE, answering comments on the opinion pages, become guest speakers on Radio and TV, educating the people, finding Constitution Conservatives that are business people as candidates for 2014 and 2016 for all levels of government. The Re-Founding of America is going to be a long process. It must continue starting today. The Socialists have been at it for a long time. We were asleep. We have awoke but must continue to stay awake. And hit the ground running now. By studying what worked for them and USE IT for the good of the country. NOW!!!!

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