Tillis overplayed his hand/2nd Amendment in crosshairs at debate

Tillis overplayed his hand/ 2nd Amendment in crosshairs at debate http://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=7754

One of the few flashpoints in last night’s GOP candidate’s forum came when the discussion turned to gun rights.  The drive-by questioners, of course, took the lefty route by alluding to recent high-profile mass shootings when asking about barring felons and mentally ill people from purchasing guns.

 Never mind that none of the perpetrators in those crimes had prior criminal records.  Never mind that all of the shootings were perpetrated in gun-free zones.  Never mind that beefed-up federal privacy standards on health records make it nearly impossible to publicly disseminate info on someone’s medical treatment.

Three of the four candidates — Greg Brannon, Mark Harris, and Heather Grant — cited those concerns.  The fourth, noted paintballer Thom Tillis, seized the low-hanging fruit and patronized the audience by declaring he was not going to give loonies guns (as though that’s what the other three wanted to do).   Tillis tried to refute claims he was soft on guns by highlighting his endorsement by The National Rifle Association.

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