Trump Tells McConnell to Use #NuclearOption to #FundTheWall. These Dems voted to fund in August. They need to do it again!

These Democrat Senators Backed Trump's Border Wall in August.  Pound them now for December.  
Deliver this simple message
Ahead of the September spending battle, you backed President Donald Trump’s proposed $5 billion in border wall funding amid your competitive Senate re-election campaigns.  Now more than ever, America needs you to do the right thing and vote to #SecureTheBorder and #FundTheWall.  Please #DoWhatYouSaid.  Thank you.  
Manchin, Joe, III - (D - WV)  (202) 224-3954 @Sen_JoeManchin
Tell @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell to use the #NuclearOption to #FundTheWall #DoYourJob #KeepYourPromise
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell @SenMajLeader (202) 224-2541 
🙂  MIA Senators and House members on their way back to DC.  
 Outgoing and sell out supreme - Sen. Jeff Flake Tweets - I Won't Support Border Security If Nuclear Option Invoked.  His hatred for Trump far outweighs any thought of responsibility to our nation.  
Please see below for contacts for other senators in NC and out.  Thanks.  This isn't over.  Please keep checking Twitter and Facebook posts for the very latest.  Very fluid.  Thanks for caring.