Trump’s plan for citizenship pathway for 1.8 million illegal aliens and only a curb to chain migration for The Wall – UNACCEPTABLE!

On 1/25, President Trump announced that he would be willing to grant a pathwayto citizenship for 1.8 million (illegal aliens) 'dreamers,' and to curb chain migration (not end it) for a deal on the wall! 
Make no mistake. The Feb 8th new deadline for a budget is again looming.  Amnesty will raise it's ugly head again. 
This DACA deal is totally unacceptable!  What happened to
 the Goodlatte bill?
What happened to his promise ... 

In President Trump's historic immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona during the 2016 presidential election, the then-candidate promised that amnesty for illegal aliens would never be considered until illegal immigration was ended, a border wall was constructed, and pro-American immigration reforms were enacted...."
So, let's see ... The argument is no longer about the principle of legal immigration, ending chain migration, sanctuary cities, the Visa lottery.  It is Amnesty. ... Don't think so!  The Not-So-Beautiful Dreamers. The Reality Behind The Media Airbrushing.  
 FAIR Joins Numbers USA in Opposing Trump's Plan.  The Hill:  Trump Immigration Plan Hits Wall of Opposition 
Click HERE to join with ALIPAC's protest  (Americans For Legal Immigration

Step 1:Watch, understand and utilize Laura Ingraham's important broadcast on this subject. But keep in mind, it looks like Trump is betraying us us on Amnesty after his 1/25 announcement of a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA illegals and a curb (not an end) to chain migration.  This video needs to be seen by as many Americans as you can show! Watch then share by email and social media.

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham Warns Trump: If You Break Immigration Promises, 'Expect a Political Revolt From Base'

Breitbart: Tillis' fingerprints on this one:  Trump’s Draft Amnesty: Unlimited, Forever, and Before a Wall Is Built

However, your calls and Tweets are already working.  The Hill:  Trump's Immigration Hitting a Wall of Opposition

Please continue to apply the pressure on the #SwampRats ...

 Step 2: Make 'em feel the heat!  Pick up your phone and call as many GOP lawmakers in DC as possible. 
Call to say:
It is an outrage that our safety, sovereignty, and secure borders may be traded away for DACA amnesty.  History shows that every grant of amnesty triggers even more illegal immigration.  President's Trump's broken campaign promise has not gone unnoticed. Trading a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens - so called 'dreamers' - kills the dreams of American citizens.  Dimms need amnesty to achieve a super majority. This deal could decide the fate of the country. Republicans will own this.  
I will hold every lawmaker accountable who puts illegal aliens ahead of the safety, security, sovereignty of our nation by supporting a primary challenger.  We've had it.  You have the House, Senate, and the Presidency.  It's time to put Americans First!  
You need to support the Goodlatte bill that 1. Ends Chain Migration 2. Cuts off law enforcement grants to Sanctuary Cities 3. Abolishes Diversity Visa Lottery 4. Authorizes Full Border Wall 5. Requires E-Verify 6. Allows a limited number who meet all DACA criteria to pay fees to obtain a renewable 3 yr work permit, but not a special pathway to green card or citizenship.   
Do your job.  I'm disgusted with the broken promises of the DC Swamp!  
Please start with the Republican members of the House and Senate in your state and then expand outward to nearby states. CALL 

Contact President Trump, your Representatives and Senators. When you finish, call others in your state.  Link here to contact info.
Additional info below
Heritage Action Press Release here. 
                                      CR Looming in February - Again!