Update on Today’s Henderson County Commissioner Meeting and 287g Renewal with ICE

As you are aware, today, 4/17, the Henderson County Commissioners met at 9AM at the Historic Courthouse. The Immigration Customs and Enforcement agent was scheduled to come to report on the 287g program - what it is and what it isn't. Two days ago, I received a message that the ICE agent was postponed. Postponing the ICE agent to report today on 287g was not only disappointing, but made little sense. We were left asking ... Why?
What we heard today at the meeting regarding the renewal of 287g was ‘hopeful’ but not definitive
The Good:  The Commissioners approved two Sheriff and Detention positions and they are sending a letter to the sheriff expressing their support for 287g.  This all seems to be a step in the right direction to encourage the sheriff to renew the program.  As you know, on April 9th, nine of us met with the sheriff.  At that time, he also indicated that he was going to renew the program.  This was all very welcome news.
A good part of the discussion with the sheriff had to do with education of the public, especially the growers and the illegals they employ.  
The Questions: Why then would the ICE agent be postponed if he is coming to us with factual information - what 287g does and what happens if terminated? (This is a counter balance to the Sheriff's report on March 20th).  This information can only serve to bolster the renewal of 287g while giving our community an opportunity to become enlightened.
We were hopeful that these three issues would have been resolved or almost resolved today.  They continue to be with us:  (1) the sheriff renewing the 287g program (‘soon’ means when?) and (2) the commissioners publicly supporting this safety net with either a resolution (a request as far back as December 3rd, 2018) or releasing the letter to the sheriff to show their support, and (3) education of the community regarding the program.
Until we get answers or a resolution to these issues, be assured we will remain steadfast and eagle-eyed vigilant. (I did write a follow letter to the commissioners regarding the above. I will keep you apprised.) We're not going away and we will continue to make sure that this issue remains front and center. It's a matter of public safety!  
What can YOU do??  
The Hendersonville Times and the Lightning were at the meeting today.  The articles will probably appear in tomorrow's paper.  Be sure to comment.  
Please contact Henderson County Commissioners.  Thank them for addition of (2) Sheriff and Detention positions.  Please ask why ICE wasn't at the meeting and for a public support of the program with either a resolution or their letter to the sheriff expressing their support for 287g.   
Contact the sheriff and thank him for considering renewal of 287g.  Ask when can we expect the renewal so we can support it.  What are the plans to educate the public on the program so we can support that too. (Remember the ever worsening on-going invasion at the border, Buncombe sheriff refusing to cooperate with ICE turning Buncombe into a sanctuary cityThe Cost of Illegal ImmigrationMapping Immigration's Impact on Public Schools, and the Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers. )
  Remember, this is your neighborhood!  Thanks and remain vigilant.  A step at a time.  
We cannot emphasize enough that your voice in this matter is what's going to make a difference if you don't want us to wind up like Buncombe.  
Leaving this to someone else is not an option!  
All that evil needs to take hold, is for good men - and women - to do nothing!  
                                Please don't be part of the 'nothing!'
Remember to check the website www.ashevilleteaparty.org at the 287g and ICE link for lots of info to help you.  Thank you.  

We will have more on this an other pressing issues at our next Tea Time Meeting at 6PM on Thursday, April 25th at Mills River Restaurant, 4467 Boylston Hwy, Mills River, NC 28759.  Hope you can join us.   


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Topics to include this time:  Experiences Undercover in the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and the Red-Green Axis, exposing the Left working with Jihadis to undermine our nation.  This is especially important considering the invasion of illegal aliens over our porous border.  
If you came in February, you know how dynamic and important his information is.  Join us for different topics and crucial info we need from someone who put his life on the line and testified publicly before Congress for us!  
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